Thursday, 21 February 2013


I though I'd do a short series of post on women who I thought were great dressers, and who I find inspiring in terms of their elegance outfits and their amazing style.

First up is Rouba Houli, wife of the only Muslim footballer in Australia, Bachar Houli, who turned heads just over a year ago when she went to an award cermony dressed in a modest, very elegant fishtail maxi dress, and a very pretty bronzey hijab. I LOVE the look she ended up with, simple, striking and very pretty - her make-up looked lovely and she didn't compromise on her modesty or faith anywhere. She hasn't been in the media much since then, but the few images I have seen of her are just as pretty, she looks simply but very elegantly dressed.

What do you think of her look - something you can see yourself in?


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