Monday, 4 February 2013

LOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Tarang drink advert Pinkyness

I'm really liking this Pakistani advert for a drink (cheesy, I know!), which features a re-mixing of an old video of a late, famous Pakistani singer, Noor Jahan, with the young 'heroine' being played by Sonya Jehan, her grand-daughter. It's a typical-ish advert, but it's also quite sweet too, and of course there's a big dance number in there somewhere!

The actress is wearing a lovely, hot pink long dress, which isn't too heavy but looks very glamorous. I love the shape of it particularly, it reminds me a lot of these Karma dresses, although I'm not sure who the designer is (speculation have narrowed it down to either Umar Sayeed or Nomi Ansari, both are amazing designers.) This would be a great outfit for those who aren't stick think, it's a flattering A-line shape and seems to flow beautifully so that it looks elegant and modest.

What do you think of this outfit?

Images from Tarang advert


  1. Im a big fan of the tarang adverts, they are so good to look at (the colours, the clothes especially). The vision factory do such a good job. Liking the use of Noor Jehan's grand daughter too.

  2. I've seen a few pics of Soneya Jahan, she has some really stylish looks! Gonna post them soon