Saturday, 9 February 2013

Curly Fry's Shopping Therapy! Lakhany Black and Gold Suit

I bought one of these recently, after lusting after it for aaages from seeing it in a few places online - a black silk fabric three-piece outfit, with a hot pink border and gold embroidery, by Lakhany Silk Mill, which is a Pakistani brand. The outfit has gold embroidery all over the front, and also has a beautiful, brightly coloured silk dupatta to add a slight contrast.

I've seen a big surge of fabrics being sold online (particularly lawn, which is a thin papery-type of cotton) which has become very fashionable in the last couple of years, and which have really been re-styled for a younger generation. I'm not a huge fan of lawn (the material crumples up too easily), but it's a popular fabric in Pakistani because its a light fabric which helps in the hot weather. Among these are a few brand names which have become very popular, like Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed and Maria B (and a few more!), all who have released their own lines of fabrics and lawns. Lakhany is one of the brands I've been a few of the designs of, and which I like (I've got my eye on this one too) although I prefer the non-lawn stuff like the embroidered silks and cottons.

It's nice to go for an outfit which is made from an open fabric (like the good old days), unlike going for the usual ready-made outfits or custom-made, finished outfits which are more common these days - makes for a nice alternative to wear something comfortable, pretty and inexpensive.

I'll be posting pictures of the finished outfit soon (unfortunately it won't look exactly the one below, but the essence of it is the same), hopefully it lives up to my expectations!



  1. Aoa,
    I just want to know where you have ordered this suit. On LSM online shop or else where.

  2. Hi, I ordered my suit from a seller on in the bazaar section, but I think the LSM is quite reliable!