Tuesday, 26 February 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Juhi's Orange Affair in Ishq

I saw one of my favourite golden oldies classic films recently, Ishq, which brought back a lot of good memories (okay the 90s films aren't exactly everyone's golden oldies, but they are for me!), with lots of comedic moments and sing-a-along songs (no one else sang with me, but oh well.)

This outfit stuck out for me (at the obligatory wedding scene) because it looks both traditional and yet would still look today by today's standards. The colour orange is starting to grow on me, but while I wouldn't wear this shade of orange myself, Juhi pulls it off quite well. I love how it's mixed with traditional gold jewellery - the matha-patti headpiece looks nicely done with the pearl-strands of earrings (my mum has a few pairs of these from her younger days!) - and it results in a pretty, almost Mughal-ish look. I also like the fact that the outfit is not heavily embellished with too much detail, it seems to be a dress-shape with trousers and a simple but big dupatta scarf which actually makes for a really nice bridal look.

While not everyone might want to go for this look as inspiration for their wedding day, I think it would make a really interesting mehndi outfit - certainly I'm seeing an increase of orange being worn as mehndi outfits on some girls. What do you think of this outfit?

All images taken from Ishq, which belongs to producers/directors of film

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  1. If someone made me wear an orange lengha on my wedding, I would cry too.