Sunday, 17 February 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Sky Blue Embroidered Kameez

We had a party for my niece this weekend which involved a lot of good food, scrumptious cupcakes and plenty of energetic children, which was good fun as it was also a chance for the family to get together too and have some girly fun.

So naturally, it was also a chance for us to dress up too! I wore a blue embroidered long-ish kameez with wide trousers, which my mum bought from Pakistan on a trip a couple of years ago, which still feels quite wearable because of the cut and the pretty colours. I love the embroidery on this outfit, as it's quite neat and intricate, and the coral pink accents of the outfit was also very flattering too (and which I could match my lip colour to!) - and I also like the border style of the front, which had a split down the middle too.

I wore this outfit with some simple kundan-style bangles, and some gold and blue earrings, as well as nude heels and matching clutch, which gave a semi-formal/casual look which was very comfortable too.

Outfit - Rawalpindi, Pakistan 
Gold 'Hallie' shoes - Kurt Geiger
Clutch Bag - Primark
Earrings - No idea, they were a gift!
Bangles - Shingaar, Green Street, East London

And this is me wearing the outfit (apologies for the bad quality/angles, I didn't get a chance to take a proper picture!)

As much as I LOVE my maxi dresses, I do like taking a break from them every now and them and wearing something which I'm less likely to trip over. Plus, it's always nice to wear a bright colour like sky blue, which is something I don't wear often as I usually tend to go for deeper, richer colours (my mum's favourite colour is light blue, so I can see why she picked this for me!) I've been looking at a lot of embroidered outfits lately, rather than the heavier formals, as this is more practical to wear and it's really handy to have these kinds of outfits for family events and various occasions - if I get any more, I'll certainly be posting them!