Wednesday, 13 February 2013

FASHION'S PASSIONS & PATTERNS: Masaba's Camera Print Motif

Masaba is a designer famous for her quirky prints, blocked bright colours and bold designs, so it's no surprise that this outfit which I saw and loved, is by this designer. The one below is a long kurta top with print design of cameras all over, which is a motif I've seen in a couple of places recently (along with other prints like cassette tapes and radios!), and it's something I find quirky but very likeable.

And that's not the only camera print, there's a few other similar designs by Masaba which have various prints and blocking which is something which is quite in trend right now.
Here are just a few variations of the camera print on Masaba's designs (I also love this blogger's way of styling the Masaba camera print jacket!) - I was surprised by how many different styles there are, and how popular it is. This is a motif that I do like, and I would certainly pick one of these up if I saw it in the high street!

 All images from Masaba Facebook Group and Pernia's Pop Up shop


  1. Oh i LOVE masaba - her stuff is soooo unique - I hear she'll be designing saris for Satya Paul - Cant wait!!

  2. Oh yes, I heard that too! I think it will be interesting but I have a mixed opinion, both brands are very distinctive and individual - but will wait and see what the results are!