Monday, 11 February 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Kareena's Sparkly Skirts in 'Falak Tak'

Thought I'd do a quick post about a song that I really like, 'Falak Tak' from the movie 'Tashan' which was released a few years ago. I liked the the costumes of this song because they're colourful, and because Kareena pulls off the vivid colours with a style which has only gotten better over the years (although I can't quite say the same about Akshay's costumes in this film!). I'm not sure who the designer for these costumes were, although the main designer for the film is someone called Aki Narula.

First is this white lengha outfit, which looks very pretty (and doesn't look heavily embellished at first until you see it closely), paired with bright green bangles, which I loved. This also reminds me a lot of the colourful, contrasting bangles Kareena wore for her Halkat Jawani number, although technically, this came first. I like the fact that her bangles and outfit stands out most, and that her hair and make-up is kept very natural, which suits her.

Second is this bright blue outfit with white embroidery on the top, and some sort of white motif printed on the skirt. I liked the top of this outfit quite a lot, it's something I can imagine being worn today if it was made a bit longer to make it into a kameez with perhaps a plain skirt or plaint trousers, and the colour is certainly beautiful. I also really liked Kareena's hair in this bit too, it's not easy to tell from the images, but her hair is curled in loose waves which looks quite pretty, along with nude lips and slightly metallic eyes.

Lastly is this black and gold dress, which has a glam factor to it with the sequin-ed looking top and the very sparkly black and gold skirt. I think her make-up is quite nice too, very glowy. golden and bronzey which is nice for an evening look, especially with soft, pinky lips. I'm less keen on this outfit because I think there is less detail in the outfit, and it's more about the bling-factor of it - but I do love the make-up and jewellery for this outfit.

Images belong to directors/producers of Tashan
All in all, Kareena looks beautiful in these outfits, and I like the fact that neither hair nor make-up is overdone, which suits her a lot. My favourite outfit is the blue one because of the embroidery on the top, although I do love the green bangles with the white outfit!

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  1. Where can I get the black and gold outfit from?