Friday, 18 January 2013

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Golden Gown by Asifa and Nabeel

I've seen this outfit in Imani Studios recently, and fell in love with this beautiful gown by Pakistani designers Asifa and Nabeel, whose outfits I've admired before. I loved this outfit because the colour combination looked so elegant and classic - you can't tell from the images but the stones around the neckline are deep green,, gold and red, and there are emerald green chiffon panels at the back of the dress.

I've been looking for an off-white or gold outfit for a close friend's wedding which is coming up soon, and this outfit was right up my street, flowy, modest (the one I saw had full sleeves on it too) and the embroidery and embellishment is beautiful. These colours are not ones that I often go for, I tend to go for deep or rich colours and this makes a fresh change for me - I was also glad about how flattering these colours looked on my skin tone too.

Not sure I'd shell out the money for this outfit itself (it retails for about £900) but I love the shape of this outfit, and the colour-combination is definitely one I'd like to try.

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  1. Asifa & Nabeel outfits have the most exquisite work on them and I dont think photos do them justice as it wasnt until i saw their stuff up close did I appreciate their work - this one is beautiful!