Monday, 28 January 2013

Karishma Kapoor at Pune Fashion Week

This is from last year, but I still think that this is a lovely outfit on Karishma, and she really does look radiant. This is the Bollywood actress acting as show stopper for Indian designer Nivedita Saboo, for her collection ‘Majestic Realms’. I also like the fact that her make-up and hair seems to hark back at her 90s days, without looking over-done - so that the heavy embellishment and sparkly-ness in left to the dress, while her face looks timeless and very feminine in soft pinks and gold.

The outfit itself reminds me a lot of outfits I have seen on the high street (particularly designers like RDC London and Seema's in Green Street, both who are popular designers in East London). It's partly because of the fusion-style look which is going on here, as well as the slight Indian influence which is in the design too. But I do like how the shape is very flattering on Karishma - it could easily be an over-the-top outfit but it's well balances out with the flowy skirt and the fitted-waist look.

A very pretty look on Karishma, and showing that she's still looking as beautiful as ever!

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