Sunday, 20 January 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Hot Pink Jacket by Gul Mohar

This is something I wore recently to a friend's wedding, a four-piece hot pink jacket style outfit, with a plain silk inner kameez, brocade trousers and dupatta. The outfit was made from one of my favourite shops in East London, Gul Mohar (not to be confused with Gul's Style!), which is based in Ilford Lane, East London. I love this shop's traditional style, and it's very Pakistani design influence - the quality of the work and stitching is always apparent and the fabrics used are also well put together.

The outfit I wore was in hot pink (my eldest sister bought the same thing in deep red, which she wore to my sister's mehndi, and which she received a lot of compliments for!), I accessorised this with nude shoes, hijab scarf and clutch bag, and some simple glass hot pink and gold bangles.

The work on the outfit is beautifully done, with a mix of beads, dabka and embroidery, and I loved the banarsi trimming of the duppatta and on the edges of the jacket, which added a touch of good finishing.

Outfit - Gul Mohar, Ilford Lane
Nude/gold court shoes - Kurt Geiger
Nude clutch bag - New Look
Bangles - no idea, probably Bombay Looks or from Pakistan!

And this is me wearing it, although it hangs a little in the picture, it wasn't as loose as it appears and was actually quite a good fit. I also love the fact that it was really long and revealed just a peep of the brocade trousers. The trousers were originally meant to be capri-pants style but this would have been too high for me, so I got the full-length ones which worked fine.


Overall, this is a very comfy outfit, and also quite flattering in it's shape, and I did get compliments from wearing it. I liked the fact that it's not an over-done outfit - because the colour is so bright, it doesn't need a lot of embellishment, and what was on there was at the right level. I bought this outfit as a ready-made one, so didn't get to make alterations or decide on other colours, although I liked it in hot pink I would have probably preferred a lighter colour or perhaps in something like navy or deep purple. It was, however, a very easy outfit for me to put together and the gold work made it easy to do my make-up too!


  1. Hi there, that's a pretty outfit, it must have looked so pretty in deep red ! I might pop in that store when i'm in London next time, how much did you pay for it ?

  2. Hi! We got this for about £150 each (we got a few outfits together!), I've seen this in the shops still as well, although check out their other designs which are just beautiful!

  3. Hi i went there recently. Extremely rude staff. A dissapoint im sorry to say :-(