Monday, 30 May 2011

IN MY WARDROBE: Jusst Pink Maxi Dress

I got a dress designed  for a close wedding by Jusst Pink a while back, a bespoke designer located on Green Street, East London. Their previous work has been the wedding dress outfits for Eastenders (as seen here). This is the dress I got designed and made by Jasmin, the designer at Jusst Pink:

 Jusst Pink also uses this dress in their professional website gallery, and it is also one of the dresses that is often advertised when showing their services, as shown here. The dress is made from yards and yards of georgette to create a fuller skirt (without making it look puffy) and crystals and diamontes were used for the embellishments. There was also a lot of ruched material around the neckline to give it s a better texture, and the long arms were also added to fit in with current trends. Below you see my dress modelled for the website:

 Image Souce

Overall I think the customer service provide by this designer was quite pleasing, as she went through each step with me to make sure I was happy with the dress I was getting. I would say that I was given a good quality dress and the order time was the usual 6 to 8 weeks. The only down side would be the high cost of the dress, as it went over my initial budget, and also the fact that the dress ended up being a little longer than I had predicted it would need to be (my fault not hers!) which meant a lot of people ended up stepping on it all day! It is definitely a dress I could wear again, as it made me look taller and flattered my shape. It is not a heavy dress, nor too extravagant, and felt relatively comfortable to wear. Although I don't regret my purchase, I am not sure I would buy from here again purely because of the high costs (it costed me around £400.00 in the end which I think was not justified in the end product), and the fact that it is not something I can simply exchange for something else, due to being a one-off piece.


  1. Asalam alekum, the dress is really nice and looks very good on you, im of the opinion the dress is made for slim and tall people your photos indicate that, so you made a good choice. Im only 5'5 and live in maxi dresses so its my kind of dress!

  2. Thank you! Although to be honest it makes me look taller than I am :)

  3. You should have gone back and demanded they fix the dress. Colour looks good though

  4. Wow, the dress is stunning. 400 seems like the going rate for such dresses in Asian shops. I live in Leicester and will be in London next weekend and will pop in. Thanks for the Blog!! x

  5. Do try to haggle the price down though, it can be cheaper and still pretty! x