Monday, 23 May 2011

Shreya Ghoshal - Live & Kicking at Wembley Arena

I went to see Shreya Ghoshal last month at Wembley Arena last month to hear her lovely singing voice, and was duly impressed by the number of songs she managed to belt out. Just wanted to comment on the outfit she was wearing at the time, as it was really something quite lovely (and I kept hearing my best friend sitting next to me muttering "that would look so good on me".) Shreya was wearing a lovely outfit for the first half of the concert, a full-sleeved jacket style kameez on top of a fuschia pink skirt. Then in the second half she came back out in black leather pants and hot-dayam-heels.

(I know you can't see her clearly in this pic but this was the only one I took at the concert)

(pics courtesy of boombastic007 who also went to the concert)

As you should be able to make out, there is a goldeny-white jacket on top of a skirt with embellished hem, really flattering on Shreya's figure and surprisingly quite modest too. Any ideas who designed this?

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