Sunday, 22 May 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Hema Malini - The Original Icon Of Bollywood

I love love LOVE Hema Malini in her earlier films, particularly the classic Seeta aur Geeta, in which her demure and softer side comes out with her sassy and utterly loveable contrast. The outfits worn by Hema are gems, easily recognised in todays fashion with her beehive hairstyle, eyeliner flicks, and funky clothes which I've seen in today's trends.

Her long-sleeved firozi blue sari could easily be worn in today's times:

Similarly, she has a lovely green sari which consists of shades of very flattering green (complete with her red rose in her hair):

While her english counterpart would fare just a popularly in today's trends, with her lacy tops, fitted cuff shirts and long waist-coats:

And lastly, her beautifully made-up face is something that really shines through, whether is is light and refreshing, or emphasised to be smouldering and dramatic, accompanied with beehive hairstyles, or puffy-style ponytails:

(All images owned by COPYRIGHT: Eros Entertainment)

(Not too sure about her choice in gypsy clothes, but can't have it all I guess)

Hema Malini is a true icon, and one of the real legends of Bollywood, you only need to watch her films to see her amazing acting skills as well as gorgeous outfits and dress-style :)

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