Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Dholki Nights #3: Watermelon Pinks and Oranges

I decided to dress up more on the third dholki night, because it was a busier evening and I had planned to wear this outfit below. I'll be doing a fuller post about this outfit, which was inspired by a Maria B bridal and which I loved wearing because it was so feminine and pretty, and felt dressed up without having to add a lot of accessories.

It looks slightly red and yellow in the pictures, but it's actually more of a deep, watermelon pink and the sleeves were a yellowy-orange, with a sky blue sharara to wear underneath. I didn't have any accessories with this outfit because it was quite heavy, but with this outfit I didn't really need any.

This is how I wore it, I didn't get time to look for any matching bangles, but I did find some yellow/orange khussay and I also found a matching watermelon pink lipstick too! I had ordered this outfit a few months ago from Pakistan, and hadn't realised it was going to be this heavy, so kept it as a back-up mehndi outfit in case my actual mehndi outfit went wrong (thank god I didn't need it!)

The other girls who came to the mehndi wore lovely outfits as well, my nieces and friends coincidentally all wore pretty red, pink and beigh outfits which went with mine quite nicely! I don't have a lot of pictures of the guests, but here's a few below (my baby niece is wearing one of her elder sister's baby outfits, we couldn't believe it fit her!)

We had a lot of fun in this evening, my friends and I played antakshari (a singing game) and got everyone up dancing by the end of the evening with some old-school songs from the 90s and noughties! We also got the older ladies having fun with some old songs that they sang (which we didn't know any of the words for, so we had our own English dholki and sang the words to Beyonce's Single Ladies!)

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  1. Hello. Many congratulations on your wedding ! I have been reading your blog lately. Where did you get this dress from ? Its lovely.