Thursday, 31 January 2013

GETTING THE LOOK: Gul's Style Bridal Look on Asiana Magazine

I saw this in the Asiana Wedding magazine today, and loved the look. I loved even more that inside there was a break-down on how to get the look. While I think she has a LOT of accessories on, because the outfit is not too full on, it looks really pretty together (although neither the wedding lengha nor the accessories come cheap!).

I'd like to look at different ways to get looks, and also perhaps some cheaper alternatives, as not all of us may have the cash to spend on a luxurious look, but I also do think there are a lot of alternative shops out there for those who are looking for similar accessories but would like to spend less!

I'll probably have to look around the shops and do some research, but in the meantime, enjoy the breakdown of the make-up and the outfit. I LOVE the soft, yet dramatic make-up done on the model here, it's just at the right tone and it's something you can try to replicate for different occasions.

 Image taken from Asiana Wedding Magazine

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

LOVELY HIJAB: Ruby Red and Gold Kundan-Style Hijab Pin

Me and my hijab pins, I know. Here's my latest buy, from Queens Market, which I bought for the beauty bargain price of just £4.00 - and I think I got the better end of the deal! I loved this one because of the ruby-red style stone in the middle, and the kundan-style setting of the hijab pin's pendant. The colour is slightly a bit more richer in real life, and a what I like is how elegantly it sits (and it matches a lot of my outfits too!)

What do you think of it?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Karishma Kapoor at Pune Fashion Week

This is from last year, but I still think that this is a lovely outfit on Karishma, and she really does look radiant. This is the Bollywood actress acting as show stopper for Indian designer Nivedita Saboo, for her collection ‘Majestic Realms’. I also like the fact that her make-up and hair seems to hark back at her 90s days, without looking over-done - so that the heavy embellishment and sparkly-ness in left to the dress, while her face looks timeless and very feminine in soft pinks and gold.

The outfit itself reminds me a lot of outfits I have seen on the high street (particularly designers like RDC London and Seema's in Green Street, both who are popular designers in East London). It's partly because of the fusion-style look which is going on here, as well as the slight Indian influence which is in the design too. But I do like how the shape is very flattering on Karishma - it could easily be an over-the-top outfit but it's well balances out with the flowy skirt and the fitted-waist look.

A very pretty look on Karishma, and showing that she's still looking as beautiful as ever!

 Image Source

Saturday, 26 January 2013

High Street Designs: Fabulosity Scotland

Fabulosity Scotland is an online designer I've discovered, who make dresses, anarkalis and replicas at low prices, which I was quite impressed with and thought was a good choice for those who want pretty outfits without breaking the bank.

I like the fact that the prices of the outfits are very reasonable (the plainer maxi dresses range from £60 - £75), and that the outfits only take around three weeks to make, which is handy too. I've emailed them for ideas a couple of times and the designers were quite quick to respond. Here are just a few examples of their cheaper outfits:

I also like the fact that their heavier (and slightly) pricier outfits are still very reasonable, the most expensive I've seen so far are these two below which are £150 and still very pretty. The company is willing to do some replicas too, although I think their signature style at the moment is long maxi dresses and also the use of lace too, which is quite popular.

I haven't got any plans to order from Fabulosity anytime soon (as I don't need anything yet!), but I do think they are a really good option, they're not too expensive and the options available are quite broad. They do have a pop-up shop in Glasgow, for anyone who is able to visit, where you can buy their ready-made things, and it's worth a look at their dresses. It's also great for anyone who wants to go for a simpler look, or even a fusion style, as the maxi dresses look quite stylish yet modest. I'd like to order something from them soon (when the right occasion arises!), and have been keeping an eye on their designs.

Have any of you purchased from here? What did you think?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

MAKE UP REVIEW: Hello Kitty make-up arrives at Superdrugs

I've not a huge Hello Kitty fan, simply because it's not my kinda thing, but I know a LOT of beauty bloggers are, so I'd thought I'd quickly post about the new collection of Hello Kitty make-up which has arrived at Superdrugs, which has a range of lipsticks, eye make-up and nail varnishes. The good thing about this range is that it's quite inexpensive.

I was going to buy a lipstick to try it out, but I couldn't really find a lip colour which would suit my skin tone (or tastes!) so didn't in the end. I do think that this would be a cute addition for Hello Kitty lovers' make-up collections, and I also think that it could even be a nice range for younger girls who may want to start trying make-up. I actually like the packaging for this make-up though, I think it's quite funkily done and I like how the Hello Kitty logo has been incorporated.

What do you think of this - something you would try, or not?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DESIGNER MODE: Elan by Khadijah Shah

I'm a fan of Pakistani label Elan, whose designs are exquisitely detailed, and use beautifully soft and flattering colours. Their bridals are quite popular in Pakistan and in the US, although the designs are quite pricey (they have some of the most expensive outfits I've seen in the Asian fashion industry yet!). The outfits I have seen from this designer, though, have always been beautiful, the colour combinations are lovely and the work is beautifully done - so it's no wonder that there are a lot of fans.

I do like the fact that the Elan, along with a few others designers are beginning to sell their designs online at the pop-up Labels e-store, which is easier for people overseas to buy designs that they like, which can be an easier outlet for some people to buy ready-made outfits rather than emailing designers and elongating the process.

 Image Source

Sunday, 20 January 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Hot Pink Jacket by Gul Mohar

This is something I wore recently to a friend's wedding, a four-piece hot pink jacket style outfit, with a plain silk inner kameez, brocade trousers and dupatta. The outfit was made from one of my favourite shops in East London, Gul Mohar (not to be confused with Gul's Style!), which is based in Ilford Lane, East London. I love this shop's traditional style, and it's very Pakistani design influence - the quality of the work and stitching is always apparent and the fabrics used are also well put together.

The outfit I wore was in hot pink (my eldest sister bought the same thing in deep red, which she wore to my sister's mehndi, and which she received a lot of compliments for!), I accessorised this with nude shoes, hijab scarf and clutch bag, and some simple glass hot pink and gold bangles.

The work on the outfit is beautifully done, with a mix of beads, dabka and embroidery, and I loved the banarsi trimming of the duppatta and on the edges of the jacket, which added a touch of good finishing.

Outfit - Gul Mohar, Ilford Lane
Nude/gold court shoes - Kurt Geiger
Nude clutch bag - New Look
Bangles - no idea, probably Bombay Looks or from Pakistan!

And this is me wearing it, although it hangs a little in the picture, it wasn't as loose as it appears and was actually quite a good fit. I also love the fact that it was really long and revealed just a peep of the brocade trousers. The trousers were originally meant to be capri-pants style but this would have been too high for me, so I got the full-length ones which worked fine.


Overall, this is a very comfy outfit, and also quite flattering in it's shape, and I did get compliments from wearing it. I liked the fact that it's not an over-done outfit - because the colour is so bright, it doesn't need a lot of embellishment, and what was on there was at the right level. I bought this outfit as a ready-made one, so didn't get to make alterations or decide on other colours, although I liked it in hot pink I would have probably preferred a lighter colour or perhaps in something like navy or deep purple. It was, however, a very easy outfit for me to put together and the gold work made it easy to do my make-up too!

Friday, 18 January 2013

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Golden Gown by Asifa and Nabeel

I've seen this outfit in Imani Studios recently, and fell in love with this beautiful gown by Pakistani designers Asifa and Nabeel, whose outfits I've admired before. I loved this outfit because the colour combination looked so elegant and classic - you can't tell from the images but the stones around the neckline are deep green,, gold and red, and there are emerald green chiffon panels at the back of the dress.

I've been looking for an off-white or gold outfit for a close friend's wedding which is coming up soon, and this outfit was right up my street, flowy, modest (the one I saw had full sleeves on it too) and the embroidery and embellishment is beautiful. These colours are not ones that I often go for, I tend to go for deep or rich colours and this makes a fresh change for me - I was also glad about how flattering these colours looked on my skin tone too.

Not sure I'd shell out the money for this outfit itself (it retails for about £900) but I love the shape of this outfit, and the colour-combination is definitely one I'd like to try.

Image Source

Thursday, 17 January 2013

BRIDE COUTURE: Lisa Ray's Wedding Sari

The beautiful Lisa Ray recently auctioned off her Satya Paul wedding sari to benefit the  'Living with Cancer' charity which she supports, which I think was a really a wonderful thing to do (especially seeing how amazing she looked in it!). The sari was put on auction at the Satya Paul facebook group and websites and sold a couple of weeks ago (I have no idea who won it, though, but you can read more here to find out more of what Lisa is up to these days).

The sari itself is a beautiful one, I love the mix of white, gold and the rose-pink trim, and is embellished beautifully with sequins and kundan stones. As a bridal outfit, this is certainly classy, and I love how naturally beautiful she looks in it, and how comfortable too.

I've seen a lot of colourful and funky saris from Satya Paul, but this is one of nicest I've seen from them, and it makes a nice change from the rainbow saris which I've seen a lot of!

Image Source

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


...from the sister!

I don't often wear much jewellery (I love chandalier earrings, for example, but never get a chance to wear them!), but I do love wearing my rings. I'm love extravagant, colourful, beautiful (and sometimes silly!) rings, so was quite pleased that this one fit the bill!

Monday, 14 January 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Dia's Dreamy Style in 'Love Breakups Zindagi'

I have yet to see a fashion blogger who doesn't love Dia Mirza, and it's no wonder, when she looks stunning almost every time we see her, and her dress sense is impeccable (just look here to see how well she pulls off the 'Meena Kumari' look). I was relieved that her recent film 'Love Breakups Zindagi' shows no different, Dia looks beautifully dressed in almost every scene, with her hair in beautiful curls and her make-up done up very subtly which looks very flattering. The film itself is not bad, but the story-line is not new (it reminded me a bit of Tanu Weds Manu, but with a bit less masala!) - but the wardrobe is beautiful.

Designed by Indian designers Ritu Kumar, with Manav Gangwani providing the costumes for one of the songs as well, I can see that a lot of work went into this outfits for this film, since not only the Asian outfits looked great, but the casual outfits and the Western outfits worn by the girls look carefully put together and very flattering.

First up is this absolutely beautiful white and gold dress, worn by Dia as part of a series of functions in the film for her friend's wedding. I love how classy and wearable it looks, it looks like something which has come off the catwalk, because of the flowy shape and the beautiful work. I also like how modest it looks, and how it looks like something which would suit women of any shape or age, and it certainly looks lovely with Dia's simple hair and make-up.

Next is this red and rich purple top, which has more of a fun look to it, especially as the jacket reminds me of a slightly Rajasthani style (so does the work on the skirt, actually), and the bold blocks of colours look great, especially with the mustard and purple hem. Again, this looks quite wearable, and very suitable for a wedding or a mehndi.

I also like the outfit her friend (the bride-to-be) wears, a yellow and multi-coloured suit, which makes a really pretty mehndi outfit. I like how the bright yellow top is balanced out by the skirt, which is made from colourful fabric, and also the fact that it's not a heavy outfit, but rather something which looks light and summery.

Also worn by Dia is this similarly funky salwar kameez outfit during the wedding function, while she is performing her dances. There is something quite 'Indian' about this to me, I have seen very similar outfits like this from India which look colourful like this, with similar work and are also comfortable, so it's easy to imagine finding something like this. I'm not sure about the cut-out style at the back, but Dia pulls it off well and it looks quite funky.

Next is the outfit worn by the bride-to-be the day before her wedding, which I thought was pretty because of how pretty the embroidery and work looked. The combination of orange, maroon and cream is an interesting one, but it seems to work and it looks quite elegant - I like the fact that the gold hem on the dupatta and the skirt tie the outfit together, without looking garish or cheap.

My favourite look in this film (if there are any!) is the one worn by the bride on her wedding day - it's quite a different one for a Bollywood film. I love seeing brides in colourful outfits, and this one is lovely - tea pink with blue, mint green and gold accents, which set off the outfit perfectly. I also like how her make-up and jewellery are not too heavy or light either, it's a very feminine look and one which could easily be replicated. The outfit also follows current trends with the long kameez and a lengha underneath, which looks quite traditional yet also has a slightly modern twist to it with the colours.

I also love the fact that the same outfit is worn casually by the bride after the ceremony, showing how she can dress it down (it wouldn't look out of place at an Asian function at all!), especially with the bride's hair worn a bit more casually and with her duppatta on her shoulder instead of her head - which really gives a different look.

Lastly is the outfit worn by Dia at the wedding, which looks beautifully traditional with her jewellery, and is a flattering off white and gold. Again, her hair and make-up are done very simply, but also compliments her whole look, and lets her beautiful features stand out. Her outfit is quite Punjabi-fied, which also looks great with the soft colours of the bride's outfit, and is similarly quite feminine.

All images belong to directors/producers of Love Breakups Zindagi

All in all, I loved most of the outfits in this film - I liked the fact that all of these outfits are extremely wearable, yet look so beautifully made and with such flattering colours. There seems to be both a Pakistani and Indian influence on a lot of the outfits, and some of them are quite traditional too, yet also very wearable. I like the fact that most of the outfits are modest and practical - they have full sleeves, they are a flattering cut, and they are not over-done or unrealistic for a wedding.

Which one was your favourite outfit?