Monday, 30 September 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Ram Leela's Rajasthani Influence

I've been seeing previews and sneak peeks of Deepika's latest movie, Ram Leela, which has some promising costumes (Deepika's costumes were designed by Anju Modi, apparently, and Ranveer's were by designer Maxima Basu).

I love the luxury of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's films, and his latest venture should be just as stunning, the outfits look amazing and so do the sets.

Here's a few sneak peeks at the outfits worn by Deepika for this film, I can see a range of styles here which remind me of the costumes in Saawariya and also slightly some from Devdas. I love the look going on here though, Deepika's make-up and hair is pretty much left as a simple style, and her outfits are not overloaded with too much work, although I do love the detail on some of them (like the sleeves on her cholis, or her beautiful star-shaped ring, or her hair pieces!).

I'm looking forward to seeing more costumes from this film - what do you think of them?

Images taken from Ram Leela trailer and do not belong to me

Saturday, 28 September 2013

On the Catwalk, On a Celebrity: Aamna Sheikh in Beautiful Elan

I'm a big fan of Pakistani model and actress Aamna Sheikh, she looks lovely in most thing and dresses very well - usually something chic and simply cut, rather than something dripping in stones or being too heavy. I'm also a fan of label Elan, which designs quite stylish Western clothes as well as some stunning dresses and kameezes for wedding wear (not to mention some beautiful bridal collections!)

On the catwalk
I like how sleek this dress looks on the model, although it does look more like a jumpsuit than a maxi dress in this picture. I've seen the colour combination of yellow and black before, and this dress has a slightly Oriental influence to it, which I think works well together and looks quite stylish. I also like how modest and hijab-friendly this dress it - it has full sleeves and covers up quite well, and would look great on those who wear hijab as well as those who don't.

Image from Style on Paper

On the celeb
Aamina Sheikh wore this same design by Elan recently at a premiere for her latest film Lamha, and I think it looked fabulous on her. Her hair looks really lovely in an up-do, and the slick of red lipstick really sets the outfit off. I also prefer the dress on Aamina because it looks a bit more simpler on her, the splash of yellow on the sash and the sides of the dress look great, and the dress itself is very flattering on the figure. While the outfit looked nice on the model, it also looked a bit loose on her, and on Aamina it looks a bit more realistically fitted without being too tight or inappropriate.

My verdict, she looks great, the dress is amazing and I'd love to have one like this in my wardrobe too!

Images from here

Thursday, 26 September 2013

FEROZA POST: New Giant Kundan Rings...

...have been added - we've added to our popular kundan ring collection, which we've had feedback that our customers love!

These huge kundan rings look amazing with Asian outfits, and we've always had compliments when these are worn - they'd look great as part of a bridal mehndi outfit, or just with party wear and are beautiful statement pieces.

We've added the rings in green and pink - which do you prefer? And what would you wear it with?

Please have a look at our other items - and we always welcome feedback. We'll also be adding more products soon, especially now Eid and Diwali is coming up! Stay tuned, and have a look at the links below:

Sunday, 22 September 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Aubergine Purple Sparkles

I went to a family wedding recently, so got an opportunity to wear one of my favourite outfits, which I've had for about a year now. This is dress I wore, a long kameez outfit in a maxi dress style (which actually reminded me a lot of this Sana Abbas design from the BCW week 2013, except my outfit is older than the collection!) The outfit is a beautiful aubergine colour with lots of gold and diamante sparkly work on the front and back - here it is:

And this is how I styled it, although I kept it fairly simple because the outfit itself was quite heavy:


Outfit - BeeJees, East London
Bangles - Bees
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Bracelet - Ribbon & Asher
Ring - Accessorize

This is, of course, me wearing it (apologies for some of the grainy pictures, I had to sneak around and take pictures where I could!)

Overall, I loved wearing this outfits, it's one of my favourite and I never fail to get compliments when I wear it. I'm surprised that I managed to find this outfit so locally, as I tend to prefer designs which are from Pakistan (although it helps that the shop I bought it from tends to import their clothes from Pakistan!). I'm leaning towards longer and looser things these days, to collaborate with my hijab more, and outfits like these are perfect, sparkly, modest and a lot like maxi dresses (but a bit more comfortable than wearing a maxi!)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Karishma Kapoor in elegant Tisha Saksena

Karishma Kapoor seems to get more and more stylish everytime I see here, and here is no different! The glamorous star was seen wearing this lovely high-collared drape dress/jacket by Tisha Saksena, at a store launch, which flatters her figure very well and looks quite classic. I love her hair in the up-do and her subtle, nude accessories, which look very elegant, and of course her pop of hot pink lipstick!

Image from Tisha Facebook

I must say that I much preferred this outfit on Karishma that I did on Priyanka Chopra (who did an ad for this same dress). Admittedly, I have not heard of Tisha's clothes line before, but a quick search shows some amazing designs which are really to my taste. I love how modests a lot of the dresses are, and how flattering the shapes are - the white one worn by Karishma above is flattering in an hour-glass shape, and also covers up in a way which doesn't feel boxy.

I also found a very similar design by Tisha of the same dress above in green, as well as a long-sleeved version in black, although I think I still prefer it in white and gold. Which do you prefer?

Some of Tisha Saksena's is available at Pernia's Pop Up Shop, like this one which is similar to the ones above, although not quite the same!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hayaa Collections: A Review

I'm always looking at different companies and reviews of them online, particularly as these days I tend to do a lot of online shopping for things which are a little bit different than what's just on the high street.

I thought I'd post a quick review of  company I ordered from recently, Hayaa Collections, whose scarves I liked the look of, and which had quite reasonable prices. I've seen a few of their scarves on Facebook, and a few bloggers have used this company, so I thought I'd give it a try.

After browsing the website for the scarves I liked, I selected a pretty colours and checked out and paid for the scarves (and they take Paypal too, which I prefer!) The scarves took about 4-5 days to come and were packaged quite nicely, with a lovely handwritten note as well.

I love the jade-green 'ripple' scarf I got the most, because it is soft and light, and the colour is really flattering - it's certainly something I can imagine with my everyday wardrobe. I'd recommend this website for anyone looking for cheap hijabs - it's easy to buy from, use-friendly and has some versatile scarves which I've found easy to wear.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Exotic Green Louboutins

I love, love, love this shot of these beautiful Louboutin heels, which have a stylish, funky and even exotic look to them, right up my street (although not my price range, perhaps!)

I love statement accessories like this for weddings, although I have a feeling that they may stand out less with the blinged-out bridal outfits that we Asian women wear!

For some reason, these remind me of something almost Oriental, or something I can see on a mehndi night - but for now, they'll be on my dream list!

Monday, 9 September 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Parineeti's Feisty Bridal Dress

I watched Bollywood Ishaqzaade recently, which is a sort-of 'Romeo and Juliet' style movie, and one which I really liked because of the feisty-ness of the characters and the well-put together film. Parineeti Chopra plays her character, Zoya, really well, and I found her quite likeable - I've seen her in a couple of other films before, but in this film she really shines.

The costume designers for this are apparently designing duo Varsha / Shilpa, who I think did a good job becuse they created a striking wardrobe, which was pretty and feminine, without being too OTT or unrealistic. I really liked the way Parineeti wears this with loose curls, minimal jewellery and fresh make-up - something which looks simple yet very sweet.

I also love the way this outfit is re-used in the film - it is worn by the character through significant events of her life - the first time she meets the 'Romeo' of the film, her wedding night, and so on - which I thought was really sweet.

I also loved the way Zoya's character mixes street-style clothes with her salwar kameezes - she loves wearing her father's old waistcoats on top of her kameezes for a more funky look, which I thought worked better than you would think! Paired with a simple plait, this makes for quite an interesting casual look, and it certainly gives a different look to a lot of the Western clothes worn by actresses in other films.

I really liked this film, it's sweet, clever and at times, funny and it's rare to have a love film like this which isn't typical or predictable. I even liked the matchy-matchy outfits the couple wear sometimes too - I haven't seen this since the 90s!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

MEHNDI NIGHTS: Rainbow Cupcakes

We went to the Mehndi/Henna Ceremony of a close family friend recently, which had a theme of bright colours and rainbows. One of the 'rainbow' things the bride had was a colourful candy bar, which had some really pretty colourful cupcakes made by my talented sister as well as some amazingly iced biscuits made by the sister-in-law, and plenty of sweets!

The cupcakes set a really pretty theme for the evening, particularly when put together with the colourful stage, the bride's families and their colourful outfits, and of course, the bright colourful lights Needless to say, these cupcakes got eaten up very quickly! What I like about this theme is that it's easy to put together, there's plenty of rainbow features which can be added, and the end result looks pretty and striking.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Curly Fry's Shopping Therapy! Sparkly Bangles from Bees

Here's something I bought about a week ago, from the lovely Bees in Green Street - some pretty, sparkly gold and diamante bangles. I picked the outside, bigger bangles (the karay) separately to go with a different set of thinner bangles that I picked for the inside - the styles are slightly different from each other, but I think they still go well together.

I've worn these bangles already at a couple of weddings - my mum and my aunt have already said they love these and that they want something similar, and they feel very, very glamorous on! I love Bees' collections of heavier bangles, and although they don't come as cheap than the other high street shop bangles do, I can certainly tell the difference!