Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Pantone Colour of 2020: Classic Blue

Happy New Year guys! I hope you're all having a wonderful start of 2020, new year, new decade! I'm hoping to become a little more active on the blog this year, so here's hoping!

I thought I'd start off with Pantone's colour of the year - Classic Blue. It's an interesting choice, although one I was slightly disappointed with, as it's a bit boring and it seems like Pantone chose to play it safe compared to the more vibrant colours of the previous years!

It also feels like a slightly ambiguous colour - we all define 'classic' blue in different ways, and indeed when I Googled the colour, I got lots of royal blue, mid blue, vibrant blue - so basically a rich, semi-dark blue? This is the blue given to us by Vogue below:

You know I love a good moodboard, so I made a quick classic blue moodboard of the kind of stuff to expect for classic blue in 2020 - I'm liking some of the dresses and jackets!

And then of course I had to make another moodboard with Asian outfits - although I found this harder as there were lots of shades of blue, and lots of navy/dark shades mixed in. I also found that some of these look a bit dated - blue is a lovely colour but these days the Asian fashion and bridal trends are leaning to neutrals, pastels and softer shades which are a lot more popular.

Having said that, I had a quick look at some of my outfit choices over the last few years and I do have plenty of blue! Here's just a few of my pieces - although in the last couple of years I haven't picked this shade!

It will  be interesting the year throws up with classic blue - it's a fairly easy colour to find and I've seen some flattering designs and shades, but from previous years I've seen that the colour of the year doesn't always hit the shops!

What do you think of the classic blue colour?