Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Curly Fry's Shopping Therapy! A Trapezoid Lipstick Holder

You may have already seen these (you might even have one of these already!) but I thought I'd post this anyway in case you haven't! I recently bought a lipstick holder to hold all the lipsticks I use everyday (I'm still trying to find a good place to put it, away from curious baby hands!) which holds 24 lipsticks in a simple plastic raised holder.

I bought mine from eBay (this is the one if you want to get one as well) because I couldn't find it anywhere else, and also because it was the cheapest on here as well.

This is the one I bought, which arrived about two weeks after I bought it (which I though was pretty good considering it can take longer when ordering from places like China). It's fairly light-weight and sturdy, I can't imagine it breaking easily and it sits quite easily.

And this is my lipstick holder when I filled it up with some of my lipsticks - I like that it takes most lipsticks (and that the slots weren't too slim for most of the brands that I use!). It's also pretty easy to take out the lipsticks without disturbing the other ones, so all in all, it's pretty handy.

I think this is quite a nice addition to have on the dressing table, and it certainly organises the lipsticks that can clutter up your space. I also like the fact that it's easy to see the different lipsticks it holds so you can see which is which. My only complaint is that this only has 24 compartments, which sounds like a lot but isn't enough for me (although that didn't stop my mum saying I have too many lipsticks when I filled this organiser up! I think she's forgotten about all the other lipsticks I have!)

I think this is great for every day use where you can just pick up what you need from the desk or dressing table without cluttering it up. I like having my make-up on display so that I'm more likely to use it, especially because if I put my stuff away I don't always end up using it!

What do you think of this - would you buy one, and do you think it's useful?

Monday, 24 March 2014

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Aishwariya's Beautiful Gold & Black Look

Aishwariya Rai-Bachchan was seen recently opening some new stores for jewellery company Kalyan Jewellers - of which she is also a brand ambassador - wearing a beautiful black Sabyasachi dress with gold work to go with the gold jewellery she was wearing.

Aishwariya looks beautiful here, and there's something reminiscent of her earlier years of acting (the full lips remind me of her brown lipsticks from the '90s!), and her hair only adds to the youthful look she has going on. I love that she went for a simple, classy look, the dress Aishwariya's worn is understated and simple, and there's still a look of luxury with it which balances out perfectly with her jewellery.

It's nice to Aishwariya getting attention for something other than her weight, and that she's managed to still look amazing at the age of 40 without looking worn-out - I'm sure she's had help with her make-up too, but she really does look lovely here.

Images from Pinkvilla

Image from Bollyspice

Saturday, 22 March 2014

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Mrinalini Chandra's Funky Chair-Motif Kalire

I saw a few pictures of Mrinalini Chandra's submission for Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Summer/Resort 2014, and thought her collection was a very funky one. The designer showcased her collection, called "Please Have a Seat", incorporating a chair motif into some of her jewellery (there was a bangle cuff which had a chair design entwined into it, and a bangle with a dining table and chairs for example!)

Among the designer's collection was this set of kalire, also with the same motif of chairs set around glass pieces dangling from the wrists, which I though was a very interesting idea. I'm not sure how wearable this is for a real bride, but it's certainly an interesting interpretation of such a traditional accessory, and I like it veers away from the norm.

While not everyone will like these (my sisters hated it), I think it's certainly very funky and different - it may just be something for a bride looking for something different, or it could just be a statement piece which doesn't necessarily have to be worn. I'm not so sure I'd wear something with chairs in it myself, but I do like miniature things so I'd probably just end up having it on display somewhere!

What do you think of these kalire (and this collection?)

 Images from here and here

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

BRIDAL COUTURE: Giant Paper Flower Bouquets

One thing I've noticed as I've been blogging is that readers are interested in finding out how to add unique twists to their weddings, such as DIY features (like this this post about origami paper bouquets.)

I thought I'd post about giant paper bouquets, which are single (and giant!) flowers that I've seen in photo-shoots of weddings for brides and bridesmaids. They're beautiful, bold and colourful, and they're certainly memorable!

I first saw this idea on this idea at this wedding, as posted by Wedding Obsession for this beautiful yellow and white themed wedding, which I though looked amazing - the flowers were simple yet striking and they look completely photo-worthy too!

Images taken from Wedding Obssession

I've seen a few variation of these flowers (like the ones below), and I think they're definitely a unique idea, and I like the different themes ands styles that can be created.

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Images from here and here

You can learn how to make your own giant paper flower here and also here - I'm really curious about how I would be able to make one so may try one out!

What do you think of single giant flowers for bouquets - is it something you would like to try? I think these would also look great for a mehndi party too - perhaps something to try!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Muse's Floral Wear

I'm really liking this Muse design, which is all florals and beaded embellishments - and perfect for the spring (and summer!) season. It's perfectly in trend with the current seasons of floral prints and pretty beading, and it's definitely dressy too - the beautiful pops of red are what really do it for me!

I've also notice that Muse have gone for a shorter top rather than the floor length and ankle-length designs we've seen in the past few years, and it's make an interesting change. I'd love to own something like this - it's ideal for the summer season, quite dressy and still looks very chic.

Image from MuseFashion

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

FEROZA POST: The New Kundan Bangles

We've been a bit quiet on the Feroza front, but we've been keeping busy sourcing new products, researching new collections and creating our campaigns to bring to you all! We've been looking for more of our popular products and also other beautiful (and unique!) things to add to the shop.

One of the things we have added are some kundan stone bangles, which are one of our most popular products. We love this set of bangles which we acquired recently, set with clear stones and feroza-coloured ones - naturally it's something which caught our eyes!

We've also recently added these beautiful bangle cuffs, which would make a beautiful accessory for almost any outfit (both Western or Desi!) - the clear stones look wonderfully sparkly and make lovely arm candy! These are being sold individually but can be worn as a single bangle or as two - have a loose and see how you would wear it!

Be sure to check out the Feroza shop online and let us know what you think of the new additions, we'll be adding more pretty things every day and are constantly looking for more ideas too. Now that summer is coming, it's a great excuse to shop for pretty jewellery and scarves - so please do check it out!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fashion Pakistan Week 2014 - A Quick View

Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2014 took place last month with a mix of bright and soft colours and flowy designs from various designers, so I thought I'd do a quick post about some of the designs. I like the range of styles and embellishments showcased - some designers chose to go for more casual outfits while others (like Fahad Hussayn and Faraz Manan) had beautiful heavy dresses which were more in the bridal range.

I've tried to show most of the designers who were present during Fashion Pakistan Week (so sorry for the long post!) but I think there was definitely a good range of colours, shapes and materials used. I can see that there is a lot of western and fusion style influence the outfits, and that not all of them are long dresses - there's a few shorter dresses and tops and some trouser-styles too. I like how each designer took different interpretations for their collection (like Ali Xeeshan's Oriental-styled models) - I don't have a favourite yet but I do like Fahad Hussayn's designs and Zainab Chottani's funky outfits!

Zainab Chottani


 Gul Ahmed

Nomi Ansari

Shehla Chatoor


Adnan Perdesy

Ali Xeeshan

Fahad Hussayn

Deepak Perwani


Faraz Manan


Nida Azwer
All images taken from eBuzztoday

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mehndi Nights: Colourful Paper Lanterns

I love lanterns at mehndis, and I'm always looking for new ideas to try out that we can make ourselves for family weddings and events.

I love these lanterns used in a real wedding, shot by photographer Yasin Dusoroth in for a wedding that he worked at - they look simple yet very, very pretty. The paper lanterns in the first picture are ones which I love because they look so simple yet they work well together - I can imagine these being easy to find or make and they are perfect for someone with a small budget. I've seen lanterns like this on eBay and in pound shops - add some stringed-beads (again online or in shops, you could even get kids beaded necklaces and drape them!) and the look is done - simple yet striking!

Images belong to YasinDusoruthPhotograpy