Thursday, 28 February 2013

HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Luxurious Green Dresses At Seasons

Here's another (two) outfits which I saw which I loved because of the beautiful colours and the cuts of the outfits - seen at Seasons, East London. I thought the rainbow strip at the bottom of the first dress was a really funky touch, which made the hem look really colourful without taking over the rest of the outfit. I also loved the second outfit because of the maxi dress style with the jacket, which was done really well without being overloaded with work, while the inner maxi dress was kept plain in a beautiful shade of green.

I'm pretty sure these outfits are both quite pricey, as this boutique does a lot of beautiful be-spoke and one off pieces, but it is a very popular store too, and with beautiful pieces like this, it's easy to see why. I haven't purchased from Seasons myself, but several friends and family have, and the outfits are very lovely. I this these two outfits below would make really nice mehndi outfits for a bride, or otherwise, very glamorous wedding outfits for a guest!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Juhi's Orange Affair in Ishq

I saw one of my favourite golden oldies classic films recently, Ishq, which brought back a lot of good memories (okay the 90s films aren't exactly everyone's golden oldies, but they are for me!), with lots of comedic moments and sing-a-along songs (no one else sang with me, but oh well.)

This outfit stuck out for me (at the obligatory wedding scene) because it looks both traditional and yet would still look today by today's standards. The colour orange is starting to grow on me, but while I wouldn't wear this shade of orange myself, Juhi pulls it off quite well. I love how it's mixed with traditional gold jewellery - the matha-patti headpiece looks nicely done with the pearl-strands of earrings (my mum has a few pairs of these from her younger days!) - and it results in a pretty, almost Mughal-ish look. I also like the fact that the outfit is not heavily embellished with too much detail, it seems to be a dress-shape with trousers and a simple but big dupatta scarf which actually makes for a really nice bridal look.

While not everyone might want to go for this look as inspiration for their wedding day, I think it would make a really interesting mehndi outfit - certainly I'm seeing an increase of orange being worn as mehndi outfits on some girls. What do you think of this outfit?

All images taken from Ishq, which belongs to producers/directors of film

Sunday, 24 February 2013

On the Catwalk, On a Celebrity: Khadijah Shah of Elan, in Elan

I saw this today on Pakistani blog A Wardrobe Affair and thought I'd re-post the two looks, designer Khadijah Shah of Elan wearing one of her own designs to a wedding (I also LOVED this Farhad Hussayn outfit being worn by one of the guests at the same wedding!). This was a grey and peach outfit which was quite a stylish outfit on catwalk, and I thought the colour combination was quite different.

While I think this would be a slightly difficult outfit to pull off (out of the catwalk, that is!) because it is essentially a bridal outfit, and it's quite heavy, I think Khadijah does manage to look great in it. Maybe it's partly because she's tall and the outfit sits well on her, or maybe it's because she doesn't look OTT in this by having too much jewellery or done-up hair. I'm not sure which looks better, the celeb or the model on the catwalk, each have their own merits and I think it looks pretty on both - certainly only at a star-studded wedding would a guest be able to wear a bridal lengha!

Image Source

Thursday, 21 February 2013


I though I'd do a short series of post on women who I thought were great dressers, and who I find inspiring in terms of their elegance outfits and their amazing style.

First up is Rouba Houli, wife of the only Muslim footballer in Australia, Bachar Houli, who turned heads just over a year ago when she went to an award cermony dressed in a modest, very elegant fishtail maxi dress, and a very pretty bronzey hijab. I LOVE the look she ended up with, simple, striking and very pretty - her make-up looked lovely and she didn't compromise on her modesty or faith anywhere. She hasn't been in the media much since then, but the few images I have seen of her are just as pretty, she looks simply but very elegantly dressed.

What do you think of her look - something you can see yourself in?


 Image Source

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Yaayyy, another new ring from le sister, which I ADORE because it's so cute and quirky. Now to find a way to wear it at work without people thinking I'm crazy :)

Monday, 18 February 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYE: Sonam Kapoor in Elie Saab Blazing Red

Here's one for you Sonam Kapoor fans out there, the style ambassador managed to pull off a bright red Elie Saab suit with a Lulu Guiness clutch which isn't quite my kinda cup of tea - but still looked great on her. I love her smart, waved hair up-do too, and it's really something she makes her own.

What do you think - too bold, or brilliantly adventurous?

Image Source

Sunday, 17 February 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Sky Blue Embroidered Kameez

We had a party for my niece this weekend which involved a lot of good food, scrumptious cupcakes and plenty of energetic children, which was good fun as it was also a chance for the family to get together too and have some girly fun.

So naturally, it was also a chance for us to dress up too! I wore a blue embroidered long-ish kameez with wide trousers, which my mum bought from Pakistan on a trip a couple of years ago, which still feels quite wearable because of the cut and the pretty colours. I love the embroidery on this outfit, as it's quite neat and intricate, and the coral pink accents of the outfit was also very flattering too (and which I could match my lip colour to!) - and I also like the border style of the front, which had a split down the middle too.

I wore this outfit with some simple kundan-style bangles, and some gold and blue earrings, as well as nude heels and matching clutch, which gave a semi-formal/casual look which was very comfortable too.

Outfit - Rawalpindi, Pakistan 
Gold 'Hallie' shoes - Kurt Geiger
Clutch Bag - Primark
Earrings - No idea, they were a gift!
Bangles - Shingaar, Green Street, East London

And this is me wearing the outfit (apologies for the bad quality/angles, I didn't get a chance to take a proper picture!)

As much as I LOVE my maxi dresses, I do like taking a break from them every now and them and wearing something which I'm less likely to trip over. Plus, it's always nice to wear a bright colour like sky blue, which is something I don't wear often as I usually tend to go for deeper, richer colours (my mum's favourite colour is light blue, so I can see why she picked this for me!) I've been looking at a lot of embroidered outfits lately, rather than the heavier formals, as this is more practical to wear and it's really handy to have these kinds of outfits for family events and various occasions - if I get any more, I'll certainly be posting them!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

COLOUR COMBINATIONS LOVES: Peaches and Pastels by Maria B

I've been a fan of Maria B outfits for a while, because of the beautiful colours, and the lovely work that is on her clothes - I've seen a few designs up close too and quite like the quality of her work. This is one such outfit that I love, the colours are very flattering, soft and feminine, and the mix of shades of peach and corally-pinks are beautiful. I've never been a huge fan of pastel colours in the past (think 90s lilac and sky blues!), because they don't suit me, but they've started to grow on me recently because of the flattering tones and the fresh shades that are currently being used.

This outfit below would make a beautiful bridal outfit, and it's slightly less traditional looking than her usual outfits, as this one has a slight 'ball-gown' look to the skirt. The colours used, though are lovely and can't go wrong in any outfit!

Image from Maria B Facebook group

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

FASHION'S PASSIONS & PATTERNS: Masaba's Camera Print Motif

Masaba is a designer famous for her quirky prints, blocked bright colours and bold designs, so it's no surprise that this outfit which I saw and loved, is by this designer. The one below is a long kurta top with print design of cameras all over, which is a motif I've seen in a couple of places recently (along with other prints like cassette tapes and radios!), and it's something I find quirky but very likeable.

And that's not the only camera print, there's a few other similar designs by Masaba which have various prints and blocking which is something which is quite in trend right now.
Here are just a few variations of the camera print on Masaba's designs (I also love this blogger's way of styling the Masaba camera print jacket!) - I was surprised by how many different styles there are, and how popular it is. This is a motif that I do like, and I would certainly pick one of these up if I saw it in the high street!

 All images from Masaba Facebook Group and Pernia's Pop Up shop

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Bees' New Jahan Collection

I've been lucky enough to be given a peep into the new Jahan collection by one of my favourite jewellery retailors Bees, which is a new collection released just a few days ago, following on from the store's Mughal Princess collection from last year. I've written before about how much I like their well-crafted pieces, and I haven't changed my opinion since - the new pieces are beautifully regal and have been well thought out - I love the fact that there's a strong Mughal theme to the pieces, as in my opinion, there isn't a lot of jewellery like this which is accessible in the high street.

Here's just a few pieces from their collection which would make great, classic pieces for a bride - they're elegant and striking. I really like the use of pearls too, as this is a growing fashion with bridal jewellery too, and it's not often easy to find jewellery which uses pearls well.

I can certainly see the appeal of Bees' jewellery when they bring out beautiful new collection likes these - my favourite piece is the necklace, it's certainly something I would consider buying for my own Big Day. I like simple, beautiful pieces of jewellery, and these certainly fit the bill - the mix of white and gold is beautiful and one that can never go wrong. I can imagine this being worn for several wedding events - whether it coul be part of a Valima or reception outfit, a Nikah outfit, or even a registry ensemble - it would certainly look great with any!

What do you think of the Jahan collection?

Monday, 11 February 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Kareena's Sparkly Skirts in 'Falak Tak'

Thought I'd do a quick post about a song that I really like, 'Falak Tak' from the movie 'Tashan' which was released a few years ago. I liked the the costumes of this song because they're colourful, and because Kareena pulls off the vivid colours with a style which has only gotten better over the years (although I can't quite say the same about Akshay's costumes in this film!). I'm not sure who the designer for these costumes were, although the main designer for the film is someone called Aki Narula.

First is this white lengha outfit, which looks very pretty (and doesn't look heavily embellished at first until you see it closely), paired with bright green bangles, which I loved. This also reminds me a lot of the colourful, contrasting bangles Kareena wore for her Halkat Jawani number, although technically, this came first. I like the fact that her bangles and outfit stands out most, and that her hair and make-up is kept very natural, which suits her.

Second is this bright blue outfit with white embroidery on the top, and some sort of white motif printed on the skirt. I liked the top of this outfit quite a lot, it's something I can imagine being worn today if it was made a bit longer to make it into a kameez with perhaps a plain skirt or plaint trousers, and the colour is certainly beautiful. I also really liked Kareena's hair in this bit too, it's not easy to tell from the images, but her hair is curled in loose waves which looks quite pretty, along with nude lips and slightly metallic eyes.

Lastly is this black and gold dress, which has a glam factor to it with the sequin-ed looking top and the very sparkly black and gold skirt. I think her make-up is quite nice too, very glowy. golden and bronzey which is nice for an evening look, especially with soft, pinky lips. I'm less keen on this outfit because I think there is less detail in the outfit, and it's more about the bling-factor of it - but I do love the make-up and jewellery for this outfit.

Images belong to directors/producers of Tashan
All in all, Kareena looks beautiful in these outfits, and I like the fact that neither hair nor make-up is overdone, which suits her a lot. My favourite outfit is the blue one because of the embroidery on the top, although I do love the green bangles with the white outfit!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Curly Fry's Shopping Therapy! Lakhany Black and Gold Suit

I bought one of these recently, after lusting after it for aaages from seeing it in a few places online - a black silk fabric three-piece outfit, with a hot pink border and gold embroidery, by Lakhany Silk Mill, which is a Pakistani brand. The outfit has gold embroidery all over the front, and also has a beautiful, brightly coloured silk dupatta to add a slight contrast.

I've seen a big surge of fabrics being sold online (particularly lawn, which is a thin papery-type of cotton) which has become very fashionable in the last couple of years, and which have really been re-styled for a younger generation. I'm not a huge fan of lawn (the material crumples up too easily), but it's a popular fabric in Pakistani because its a light fabric which helps in the hot weather. Among these are a few brand names which have become very popular, like Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed and Maria B (and a few more!), all who have released their own lines of fabrics and lawns. Lakhany is one of the brands I've been a few of the designs of, and which I like (I've got my eye on this one too) although I prefer the non-lawn stuff like the embroidered silks and cottons.

It's nice to go for an outfit which is made from an open fabric (like the good old days), unlike going for the usual ready-made outfits or custom-made, finished outfits which are more common these days - makes for a nice alternative to wear something comfortable, pretty and inexpensive.

I'll be posting pictures of the finished outfit soon (unfortunately it won't look exactly the one below, but the essence of it is the same), hopefully it lives up to my expectations!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Beige and Maroon Angrakha Lengha

I saw this today in a local boutique in East London called Ramsha, which I really liked because of the style and the colours. I loved the fact that the deep red part of it went so well with the beige dress and the bottle green hem on the border, which makes for a nice colour combination. I've been looking for an outfit for a close friend's wedding and am looking for something in these colours as well as something which is long and flowy, and this is right up my street. Although I wouldn't go for particular outfit because it's a little too heavy (and pricier than I want to pay!), I do think it would make a lovely bridal-event outfit (or perhaps an engagement dress, maybe?), the cut of this is really nicely done, and I like that it looks quite modest too.

The top, dress part of the outfit is in an angrakha style, which is a specific cut of a dress that has a cross-over style (like how a wrap dress looks like), and ties at the front with a hook or ribbon. I haven't seen many of these styles in local shops (I have seen a few of these online, though) and thought it made a really nice alternative to a lot of the usual anarkali dresses I've seen in the past.

What do you think of this outfit?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Bejewelled Clutch Bag by Sonar Jewels

I'm liking this clutch bag by Sonar,which mixes a dull gold with yellowy-green stones all over. I'm sure it's not cheap, but I like the ornate-ness of it, and it looks like something which would feel quite solid and heavy, but would also look more sparklier and detailed in real-life, up close.
While I don't think I would go for something quite as blingy as this, it would be nice to see some handbags like this on the high street!

Image by Sonar

Monday, 4 February 2013

LOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Tarang drink advert Pinkyness

I'm really liking this Pakistani advert for a drink (cheesy, I know!), which features a re-mixing of an old video of a late, famous Pakistani singer, Noor Jahan, with the young 'heroine' being played by Sonya Jehan, her grand-daughter. It's a typical-ish advert, but it's also quite sweet too, and of course there's a big dance number in there somewhere!

The actress is wearing a lovely, hot pink long dress, which isn't too heavy but looks very glamorous. I love the shape of it particularly, it reminds me a lot of these Karma dresses, although I'm not sure who the designer is (speculation have narrowed it down to either Umar Sayeed or Nomi Ansari, both are amazing designers.) This would be a great outfit for those who aren't stick think, it's a flattering A-line shape and seems to flow beautifully so that it looks elegant and modest.

What do you think of this outfit?

Images from Tarang advert

Sunday, 3 February 2013

COPYCAT DESIGNS & DRESSES #10: The Olive Green and Ice Blue Patchwork Kameez

Thought I'd do a quick post about another copycat design we have, this time one of my sister's outfits from years ago (we're talking about a suit we got copied about ten years ago!). Back before the rise of online replicas and the growth of the Asian clothes industry, my sisters and I all used to buy a copy of the latest Asiana magazine whenever my Mum went to Pakistan, and pick an outfit for her to copy. We could have designed our own but there were too many risks of colours being wrong, designs looking ugly, and tailors not understanding our instructions, so we just sent ripped out pictures from magazines and ask for outfits in that way.

This outfit below was one of those pictures we got made about a decade ago, I can't remember which magazine it came from but I managed to find a picture on Bargello, surprisingly enough, which was the same picture my sister sent to Pakistan to get made. At the time, fitted kameezes and trousers were big in fashion trends, and this was something which was bright, colourful and very stylish. It was a 'patchwork' style design, in a bright rich ice blue and olive-limey green, with dark blue embroidery work.

Image from Bargello

This is the version my sister ended up with, in the same colours and design, although my sister added longer sleeves and opted for plain silk trousers in blue rather than the same patchwork style trousers (it actually looked better with the plain silk trousers, in my opinion).

We kept the embroidery fairly the same and it worked well with the outfit, the thread work was very neat and well-done, which we were quite impressed with. I also liked the fact that the colours of the outfit looked so rich because the fabric was silk, which made it a very pretty outfit.

THE GOOD: The outfit looked very pretty on, while it's not in fashion by today's standards, it could easily be adapted for the current trends (I've suggested replacing the trousers with a plain sharara, which would make a great mehndi outfit!). The colours themselves are beautiful, they're very flattering and the quality of the outfit has meant that it has lasted well even after ten years.

THE BAD: Comparing the outfit to current trends, where everything is long and flowy, this outfit looks very short and outdated. But it's still very pretty!

THE UGLY: My sister wearing it for the first time on Eid morning and then having to put an apron over it to wash up. Oh dear.

OVERALL: My sister said this outfit was very comfortable, which was the case with a lot of outfits my Mum got made for us when she went Pakistan. While it's not on par with today's trends, it's a beautifully made outfit which could last for years, and certainly looks classic because of the colours. If I saw the original picture today, I wouldn't be very keen on it, but having seen my sister's version, I love the rich colours of the silk and the simplicity of it. Perhaps it's something that could be recycled in futures years, for a 90s' themed party maybe!

Friday, 1 February 2013

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: The Play Clan Sari Collection

The Play Clan are "a fashion, graphic art and design playhouse telling stories about local Indian culture as assorted curios for your wardrobe and home", which I think is a very interesting concept. While they do all sorts of clotheswear and home goodies, their recent sari collection caught the eye of Vogue India recently, and with the funky prints and beautiful colours, it's no wonder why.

The sari collection below is bold, colourful and daring, the prints shows Indian-style buildings, modern women and some seriously funky art - and while it's not something I think I'd wear, I do really like them! I also like the fact that they're not the average, dressy saris you see at weddings - they're arty, light and most probably, as suggested by Vogue India, aimed at younger women.

Images taken from Vogue India

I also love their other outfits and dresses they are selling, which beautifully mixes Indian culture with Westernised, contemporary art. I've had a quick look through their shop, and I'm in love with their silk print dresses, which I'd love to buy (they seem to cost around £35 each, if I've worked that out correctly!) The colours are bright, the designs are beautifully drawn, and these look like they would fit right in with a bustling market like Camden Market or a trendy shop like Topshop.

 Images belong to Play Clan website

I really like the whole attitude of this company, it's fresh, different and street-smart, and I'm pretty sure it must be quite popular too. I also like how they've interweaved India into their products, showing how the inspiration comes from various parts of different cities, and how different parts of rural, metropolitan and art gets a space on their products.