Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Amir Khan gets engaged to Faryal Makhdoom

Boxing celeb Amir Khan got engaged over the weekend, in a lavish ceremony with 20-year old student Faryal Makhdoom, and the pair looked great together. The sari with the bride-to-be picked was very beautiful, having fitted long sleeves on the blouse, and silver and pearI motifs. I particularly loved the shade of deep, cranberry red the sari was in most, it's a very flattering, rich colour and looks very elegant. Expect a few copies of this sari to be soon floating around folks, although I'm not sure where Faryal herself got hers designed from, I'm sure it wasn't cheap!

 Images from here

Friday, 27 January 2012

Copycat DESIGNS & DRESSES #6: Karma's Tea Pink Jamawar Suit

I love this outfit, designed by Pakistani label Karma, simply because it's so, very, 'me' in terms of the style and the shape. I have always found this dusky, tea pink colour very flattering as well, and it's definitely a colour which has remained in vogue for the last few years. I fell in love the style and fitting of the kameez as soon as I saw it, and took the first opportunity I could to have something like this replicated.

This is my version of the outfit, which I got made a good while ago (around 4 or 5 years ago in fact!), which I have kept as I still find very, very wearable, despite today's long dresses and flowing kameezes trends. The outfit I have is made from pretty much the same shade of pink and the gold print (please excuse the silly way I'm standing, this is the only picture I could find of the outfit!), and I tried to keep the overall look about the same, although the length of my kameez is a bit longer than the original.

The actual embellishment was made up of stones, beads and a small amount of metal-work, with it being mainly on the neckline and the bell-shaped sleeves. While the kameez is quite fitted, the salwar is a little baggy, and is also a bit stiff, as it is made from a brocade-type material. Similarly, the kameez is made from a thick cotton with jamawar print (which is basically like a gold print similar to designs seen on brocades or jacquard material).


THE GOOD: The think I like most about this outfit is the colour of the outfit, and the paisley print on the kameez. It makes the fabric look really rich and shimmery, without looking too heavy or over the top. I also LOVED the bell-shaped sleeves, which were nice and fitted at the top and then had the most work along the elbow and at the end of the sleeve, so that it didn't overcrowd the rest of the outfit.

THE BAD: Looking at the beads and gemstones on the work of the kameez, I would have preferred some pearl work or some dull gold, antique style work, which would have gone with the tea pink shade of the kameez better, and would also be closer to the original design. I also would perhaps have tried out the neckline of the kameez as a  high collar style as well, as this looks like something which would suit this design.

THE UGLY: The awkward shape of salwar (the bottoms) as they puffed out a bit, due to the thick fabric being slightly stiff.

OVERALL: I really like this outfit, and find it as wearable today as when I first got it made five years ago. Tea pink is a colour has been in vogue for some time now, and I find it to be a very classic, flattering colour on a lot of skin colours, without it being too bright or overpowering. I got this outfit for quite a good price, and was quite happy that the fabrics and the colours were quite closely matched up, and that the stitching was pretty well done too. I also like the fact that this is quite a feminine outfit, without being too girly or typical in style, and looks nicely subtle.

Although this is a kameez outfit and not the long flowy outfits that are often seen in today's trends, this is a fairly classic shape for a kameez, and looks traditional enough to still look lovely on, and goes to show that something doesn't have to be seen as 'fashionable' to look pretty. I've always had the viewpoint that rather than follow JUST fashion, you should follow different inspirations and beautiful styles, such as from different eras, designs or even cultures to make it more unique and appealing. This kameez is one examples of outfits I have which look 'classic' because they feel timeless regardless of what is in fashion, and because of how pretty everything looks when it is put together.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Navy Blue Sparkle Shoes by Kurt Geiger

I really like these shoes by Kurt Geiger, which are a pretty blend of elegance and sparkle, and rich blue satin. They may not be to everyone's taste, as some of you may find the heel too high, but I think they would certainly spice up an outfit well enough, and would  be great for the wedding seasons. Navy blue is certainly a flattering colour and looks very classy, and with the diamantes on the heel, gives the heels a very pretty edge.

                                                                              Images from Kurt Geiger website

A very nice addition to anyone's wardrobe, I think, and quite wearable. I also like how this shoe looks quite different in other colours, (these pink ones, for examples, looks so feminine and elegant, and have such a pretty colour to them, while these turquoise ones give another different look to the shoe as well) but I think these navy blue ones are the ones I like most.
I have very similar shoes to these (which are basically plain, satin navy KGs) and find that they are perfect to go with my Asian wardrobe as well as my Western one, and really add a touch of glamour to a look. And they're super comfy too. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Doli Wedding Invitation by Something Green

I really like these designs by eco-friendly card designers, Something Green, who create cards and invitations printed on recycled (and recycle-able) paper. Using  beautiful, earthy tones and simplistic yet effective graphics, this is a lovely alternative of an invitation for those looking for something less embellished or traditional. I am a huge fan of doli's in general, and I love how lovely this scene looks, and how well the designers managed to capture a moment which is important to brides. A quick look at their blog shows how this designer tries to go for the alternatives ideas as well as audiences, but I have to say that this design was my favourite out of all of them.

Image belongs to somethinggreen

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Priyanka Chopra's Mehndi Styles in 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge'

This is another song from Mujhse Shaadi Karoge featuring the lovely Priyank Chopra, which is full of lovely styles and outfits, and what I like even more than the outfits are the beautiful decor and sets which compliment the outfits. There's a range of styles here, all of which would be perfect for a mehndi and are easily achievable looks.

First of all is a yellow lengha outfit, surprisingly simple with a red border and very traditional jewellery (such as the borla tikka with matching necklace and earrings). The top of this outfit is embroidered with what seems to be strips of lace and 'gota' style work (strips of fabric), which works well to add some detail without overloading the outfit. I also love the scenery for this outfit, which is mainly decorated with marigold garlands and fairy lights, as well as candles on every step.

The next outfit is this sweet, pink sharara suit, which has a fitted kameez and flowy, baggy pants. I think the one thing which stands out most about this look is the big jhoomar that Priyanka is wearing, and how well each part of her jewellery has been put together to create a 'classic', old-style look. This is accompanied by baby-blues and light green decoration and settings to help set off the pink even more, and makes the pink look even more of a flattering colour.

This green outfit is another lovely outfit - basically a fitted kameez again, and with baggy, patiala style salwar. It's quite an easy look to copy, especially as patiala salwars were very much in fashion on the high street a few years ago. It's a lovely spring green, and the simplicity of it is, again, what makes it look so pretty - although my favourite part of this outfit definitely has to be the paranda (or hair piece) weaved into Priyanka's hair (you should see the collection I have of these). I think green is one of those colours which can go wrong in Asian clothes, and it can be a little underused in today's trends, yet here the colour used is just right to look fresh and very wearable.

Lastly is this red and navy lengha outfit (which is more or less the same one used in a previous song), but still looks very pretty as a bridal outfit. I am loving the combination of rich red and navy blue velvet, and have seen this in the high street as well as the catwalks in today's trends, showing that it is quite a popular combination. I also like how the designers made this outfit look more bridal with the jewellery, right down to the naath (or nose ring), as well as slightly heavier make-up.

There's a really nice mix of outfit styles and colours here; I like the way different styles subtly point to a different era, and seem to  be outfits which can be easily copied. As well as this is the beautiful decorations to compliment each scene, which have been done really well and look very glitteringly pretty.

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Priyanka Chopra's Romantic 'Laal Dupatta' Style

'Laal Duppatta' from 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' is one of those classic, romantic songs which you may hear at a few weddings (or two), and the outfits which Priyanka is dressed are no less suitable for a romantic song, with the theme being wedding-style dresses and red dupattay. I like how each of these outfits are so different from each other, and yet compliment the styles of the song, as well as Priyanka's jewellery and make-up style.

The first outfit of this song is this lovely red and navy velvet lengha, which is a slightly fitted affair but suits Priyanka's tall frame. This is a colour combination which is still in vogue today, I have seen many outfits with the same combination of red and dark blue velvet, and it is indeed a very elegant colour combination. I also like the multicoloured bangles and 'haath-phool' jewellery on her hands, which is a nice detail as well.

The next outfit is a red lengha in similar first one in shape, but in a more scarlet shade of red, and with slightly heavier detail to it. I love the setting in the background for each outfit, and with the candle lights setting a soft light, it gives more of a whimsical look for this outfit, and softens the glare of red. The heavy work on the top of this outfit is balanced out by the less heavier skirt, and the fact that there is not too much jewellery either, whch balances out well.

The next outfit in the 'laal dupatta' theme is this red, shimmering sari, which shows off Priyanka's figure very well, and is surprisingly quite a simple sari which isn't too overloaded with embellishment. Again, this is a bit of a bright red colour, with the emphasis on this outfit being on the cut and drape of the sari rather than detail work.

And lastly is this pink number which is a prettily embroidered outfit, with mirrors on the skirt. I think the best  part of this outfit is the embroidered sleeves which add a bit of spice to the outfit and makes it a little more unique. Again, I like how the bangles and jewellery are matched to the outfit without looking too 'cute' or matched together, and the pink colour of this outfit seems to be quite a flattering one.

All images belong to producers/directors of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

I really like how the red dupatta is carried through in all of these outfits, and gives a nice, romantic touch to the song. While this is not necessarily a classic 'wedding-y' song, it has a similar mood to it which is emphasised by the rich outfits and the candle-lit settings. Although this film (and song) is a good few years old, the outfits still look very wearable and fresh, and there is enough range to appeal to different tastes.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Nomi Ansari's Ombre Dresses

I've always been a huge fan of ombre shaded outfits, as well as a lot of Nomi Ansari's designs, and these dip-dye style designs are a beautiful combination of the two. Although these are from Nomi Ansari's collection from 2010, the vibrant colours, the flattering shape of the dress and the actual ombre shades are still very wearable for today's occasions, and without being too heavy on the detail.

Images from here and here

I think these would make spectacular outfits for a mehndi occasion, or even for the bride herself on a mehndi. The yellow one really appeals to me because of how colourful it is, and how surprisingly feminine it looks, but it is the last one in green which I love the most. It's such an effortless, simple look with the focus being on the cut of the dress and the beautiful colour, rather than any extravagant embellishments or complicated designs. Some very pretty outfits on the catwalk being shown here, with the ombre trend seeming to be one which may last a while, in my opinion.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Book of Shadows: Eye Shadow Palettes

I've recently come across the idea of using custom made palettes for eyeshadows, made by Etsy seller group Book of Shadows, which uses beautiful prints and fabrics to bind the 'books' of palettes and create beautiful ways of organising your eyeshadows. I've seen eyeshadow palettes in these kind of 'book' forms before, but I haven't seen any as luxuriously looking and as sleek looking as these.

This particular seller as a wide range of 'book's, which are all hand-made, making them that little bit more unique. I love the different styles and colours which are available, from rich damask prints, embossed flowers, and even animal print, and here are just a few of the wide range of prints available. I think my favourite has to be the last one, which really reminds me of a group of little girls trying to play dress up. I'm pretty sure it's one that my sisters (or even my little niece!) would find appealing too.

Images owned by anothersoul

I'm considering buying one of these, or even making one myself to see how much it would declutter the random single eyeshadows I have. It's a very stylish way to organise your makeup, and I can imagine that a group of these wouldn't even take up much space. My only worry would be that the eyeshadows would actually fit -  not all eyeshadows come in the same size or medium, and it may just end up making more of a mess!
Has anyone bought anything like these? How do you find them?

Monday, 16 January 2012

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Trisha's Sari and Jeans Fusion Look

One day the day will come when we can successfully combine casual jeans with embellished saris successfully. Can't say that Tamil star Trisha has got it down to a tee just yet here, but it's still a great attempt, and although it may not be a look that appeals to everyone, it's still one of the best attempts of wearing a sari with jeans that I've seen yet. It's not a relatively new idea, and there's still some of that glam factor here. I also like the fact that the actress didn't wear a 'casual' sari or shy away from wearing rich colours and fabrics.
It's an interesting look nevertheless, and I'm sure sooner or later there'll be more fusion mixes that work to combine the Eastern look with Western in a similar way :)

Image Source

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Engagement Outfits...(finally!)

I've finally managed to get a few pictures of the engagement we had for my sister last weekend, and I must say, I'm quite please with the general look we had, and how much fun we all day that day!

This is the outfit below, which was a pretty grey and hot pink dress from Zeba'ish, a local shop in East London. What I love (and why she picked the dress) was how flattering the shape was, and how classic and wearable the dress was. It wasn't too too heavy, which was suitable as we really only had a small event, and it has a good mix of the East-meets-West, fusion style that is often seen in Asian fashion. It's also a very feminine dress, plenty of swishes to be had and the hot pink really compliments the grey without either being over-powering, The dress is made from several layers of material to give it a little volume, and was also less shinier than the pictures suggest, rather it was a subtle shimmer which made it look pretty. The other clincher about the dress is how unique it looks, it looks entirely fashionable by today's standards, yet the shape and style of it means that it is something that can be worn over the next few years without it feeling dated. I think my favourite part of the dress has to be the hem, which had strips of pink velvet and silver and looked very luxurious.

My sister also got her hair and make-up done by a make-up artist who was recommended to us. Honestly, we weren't too impressed by the make-up that was done and the final result, as it looked a bit hurried, and didn't look particularly special. What we were more pleased with was the hair style my sister got - its suited her hair and the dress perfectly, and looked very elegant.

The decor we kept mainly in the house, and quite simple, as we didn't want things to get too cluttered. We draped fairy-lights, organza fabric and strings of silver beads along the wall to go with the pink and grey theme we were having. We also added some ornaments such as silver lamps (spray painted by  myself!), pink candles, pink and silver sequinned table runners and pink and silver balloons, which really gave a nice effect for the house. We also decided to keep this theme for the presents which we gave to the groom's family, and it was a nice surprise to see that they had also brought gifts, in a rainbow coloured theme!

Here are a few peeks of some of the outfits which my sisters and I wore on the day (I ended up wearing this outfit), while most of the girls in the family wore various styles of abayahs, long kameezes, short ones and pretty dresses. The last picture is of my niece in her lovely flowery print dress posing at the restaurant we went to!

It was a lovely day for all of us, not too fussy and not too extravagant. It was great fun running around getting last minute pieces and doing the decorations in the home (as well as picking out our outfits!).

The restaurant we also went to was great, called Lahori Grill, which gave us a a good deal on the with the food and venue, and had a really nice atmosphere on the whole.

Next up...wedding planning! Anyone getting married this year, or have a close wedding to attend and help out with? I think we all like to see ourselves as stylish and good as event-planning type things like decorations, outfits, gifts and venues, so it will be interesting to see how my creative family gets on with a wedding in the family. We've had a little experience after my brother's wedding reception last year, but there's always room for improvement!

Do share any tips with us, we'll all be browsing online on how to get our creative side inputted into the wedding!