Saturday, 1 October 2011

Copycat DESIGNS & DRESSES #5: Gul Style's Ombre & Sequinned Dress

Another dress in my wardrobe, one of my favourites this time because of the vivid colour and flattering shape of the dress. It has a lot of similarities to the design below by Gul's Style, although with different colours and my version is less heavier and the original. My dress was not really an intentional copy of the Gul Style design but as I liked the dip-dye effect and the embellishment so much, it ended up looking very similar.

My actual dress is below, with  bright shades of blue, green, teal and navy blue, and bronze esequins and beads. It was originally sleeveless by I added sheer navy churidar sleeves, and the dress also came with royal blue churidar bottoms. The dress itself was made from georgette, which was fully lined to add some weight to the dress and make it more swishy. It is slightly A-Line shape with a velvet and bronze hem, and pom-pom balls.

The embellishment of the dress is mainly bronze sequins and beads compressed together, along with various shades of blue embroidered flowers all over the bust to compliment the dress. There was als some diamante along the bust and the ankles of the churidars, to make it look more sparkly.


THE GOOD: I love love LOVE the colours of this dress, the vibrant peacock blue, bold navy and aquamarine green, which blends together so well. These have always been one of my favourite colour combinations, and coupled with the bronzey-gold work and the rich velvet hem makes a lovely outfit. I also loved the beaded  pom-poms (above) hanging from the dress and from the ends of the dupatta, as it gives a slightly traditional look to it. The weight of the dress felt lovely when on, as the shape of the dress was very flattering without being too fitted and uncomfortable. I'm sure you can tell I absolutely love this dress (indeed it was love at first sight for me when I saw it) and I can't say enough about how much I love it. I also love that this is a long lenght dress which still had churidar trousers, rather than just being a maxi style, which felt a little more modest and also stylish.

THE BAD: The dress was bust of the dress was little big, even after I had this taken in, and that's due to the amount of work on it which made it slightly harder to take in more without damaging the work. Also, the hem of the dress would have looked nice with a bit more embellishment on it rather than just a bronzey hem and velvet work. But that's not really a complaint than an afterthought really.

THE UGLY: The price. Yikes. This dress did not come cheap, although it still brings twinkles to my eyes.

OVERALL: This dress felt very glamorous on, and the colours (the colours!) were beautiful, and met my tastes completely. This is one of my favourite outfits in my wardrobes because of it glam-factor as well as the fact that it still has a slight traditional twist to it. I've seen this dress made in several other colours (orange and purple, however, didn't take my fancy) and I think I got a good deal. It may not be quite up to the level of a Gul Style dress but it's still a very pretty dress. Although this is quite a formal wear outfit, which means I can't just wear it anywhere, it's not too overdone or heavy, and it looks satisfyingly sparkly when on :)


  1. love, love, love the colour and style of your dress... your adorable sis... keep up the good work :) xxx

  2. Thank you so much!! Glad you like it, keep reading :)

  3. where di you get your copy from?

  4. I got it from India, but I've seen something very, very similar in a shop in Ilford, East London in various colours! x

  5. Hi. In the first pic u uploaded, with the model on the catwalk. You can see a lady behind her, u can see her back. Do u have a pic of that dress plz? Looked everywhere :(

  6. Hi, I've tried to have a look but just can't tell! Your best bet is to visit Gul's Style's website or Facebook page, you may get lucky there!