Monday, 17 October 2011

DESIGNER MODE: Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn is another Pakistani designer whose work has caught my eye due to the regal-influenced style and the rich fabrics he uses. Below are just some of his latest work, which continues the Pakistani favoured long-dresses and long kameezes, with flowing skirts and long jacket styles. I also like how his clothes have male counterpart designs, showing how they fit together well. What appeals to me about this designer's clothes is his use of rich fabric and elegant design, which carries a very classy, modest look. There are often splashes of colour and quite a lot of focus on gold embellishment to brighten up the designs, without making them look garish at all. Below are just a few examples of this designer's latest work. although more can be found on Fahad Hussayn's website and Facebook group.

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I have heard (or read, rather) a lot of praise for this designer, as his work seems to have a traditional-yet-fashionable look to it which is carried off rather well, although there are also criticisms that his work is also quite expensive. Also, some of his bridal wear has been described as not being very bridal-y, suggesting that it is more the formal wear which is more popular. Overall, I like the rich, elegant style of this designer's work, and there are certainly some funky pieces and colours which also crop up through his collection to add a bit of spice. I can't say that I have a particular favourite piece as some of his designs have a similar look to them, but I do like the general look of the collection and it certainly seems like it has been quite well thought out.


  1. I've heard the same comment on his bridal wear, but I'm not sure what people mean when they say that...I mean, I couldn't imagine getting away with anything as elabourate as his designs EXCEPT on my wedding day.

    In any case, I do know he does custom designs out of a florida boutique (for sure) and a london boutique (I think), so I guess there's ways to work with him to get his style in a more bridal set.

  2. I think people mean that they want something more traditional in the way of wedding dresses, as some of these look great on the catwalk/masgazine pages but aren't very practical for the ordinary public. I guess there are some people who wear heavy outfits like as their formal wear (high society partying people, I guess!) but this is a really small target group.

    But yes, I agree, as with any designer worth their salt, you can work with FH to get something more suited to your needs.