Monday, 31 October 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Sushmita Sen's Sizzle in Mast

Remember this song? It was the sizzling item number which got all the girls (well the ones I knew anyway!) swaying their hips like bellydancing wannabes. Sushmita looks every inch of her Miss Universe title in a number which could have competed with Katrina's 'Sheila' back in the day. Dripping in diamante jewels and bangle cuffs, and wearing an Arab-inspired set of outfits, Sushmita shows off her dance moves while looking surprisingly natural in terms of make up. The focus is on dripping necklaces, rich fabrics and flyaway hair, and it looks great on Sushmita. Admittedly this is something right out of the early noughties, (at one point Sushmita looks like she's dancing in front of an air balloon!) but it's still pretty interesting, and shows how dance choreographers were starting to move away from the whole prancing-about-in-fields-around-trees theme. I love that the outfits really suit Sushmita's tall, willowy figure, and that the jewellery used is rather different (the bangles which go all the way up the arm, for example) rather than the jewellery which is used in today's videos, which perhaps is a little more toned down. This was seen as a pretty sexy song when it was released, and the tune was kinda catchy too; Sushmita has a great artistic thing going on here and she manages to pull off a look which may otherwise have looked tacky or vulgar.
And her hair looks amazinggg :)

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