Wednesday, 2 November 2011

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Casual Matt Rouge Lipstick by UNE Make-Up

My most recent make-up purchase (by recent, read yesterday!) is this Matt Rouge lipstick from Une. What I like about Une is their philosophy of using organic, natural materials, emphasising the benefits of natural, subtle beauty, and also cares about the planet. Admittedly, I'd never heard of them before seeing them in the cosmetic store, and they didn't seem like a well-known brand, yet I think this is something which makes it all the more unique and specialist. I've been looking for a matt, pink lipstick for a while, there's surprisingly very few of them in the market and it's hard to find one which also suits my colour. I ended up going for the lightest shade of pink in this series, as I liked the slightly nude pink shade of it and I also thought it seemed like a pretty and natural colour to go for.

I quite like just how matt this lipstick is, it comes off a lovely blush pink colour (the picture doesn't really show the true colour although it is as close as I could manage!), and what I also like is how the colour of the lipstick can be layered according to how pink you want it to be - so you can start of with slightly sheer shade with a hint of pink, to quite pinky indeed. The lipstick was also as matt as it promised, although it took me a while to get the hang of making it look attractive, as it started off looking slightly powdery. I've also found with some light pink lipsticks that I need a lip liner or foundation base to help the colour come out, and this was the case here too. I'm not too sure I'd recommend this to everyone, it may look a bit too dry for some, and the shade of colour may also look a little too light. Also, I've found in the past that the matt look on lips can also be achieved just as easily by using a pencil lip liner to colour your lips in.

Has anyone else heard of, or bought products from this brand? How did you find it? For everyone else, is this something you would try? The natural, organic philosophy is a good one, but is it as effective for you in terms of make-up quality?

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