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BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Priyanka's Seven Styles in 7 Khoon Maaf

7 Khoon Maaf revolves around Susanna (played by Priyanka Chopra) and her search for love, which leads to her having a total seven husbands, as well as showing the circumstances in which she is widowed by each husband. I found it interesting that as Susanna gets older and ends up with a different man, her physical style also subtley adapts to reflect this change as well as her relationship with her husband. It is appropriate then that as she has seven husbands, she has seven different styles to show these different periods of her life. (ALERT: Contains spoilers, so apologies in advance for the long post, and don't read this if you want to watch the film without any foreknowledge!)

The First Husband
Requested by her late father to marry an Anglo-Indian Army Major Neil Nitin Mukesh, Susanna has a youthful, flowy look, with pretty dresses, long hair and a choppy fringe to make her look younger. Poor Susanna does not have a loving relationship however, as her husband is possessive and jealous, resenting her love for dancing and drinking.

The Second Husband
Played by good old John Abraham, Susanna marries a budding rockstar in a whirlwind marriage, with her Christian wedding ceremony marked by a pretty white lace dress, spring flowers and natural make-up. What Susanna doesn't know, however, is that guitar-riffing John has an addiction to something other than our Susie which is bound to end in tears.

The Third Husband
Susannah finds her poetic and romantic side, expressing it with traditional, light-coloured salwar kameezes, lovely jewellery and draped scarves and dupattas, finding a new husband in poet Irfan Khan in the snowy backdrop of the Kashmir. All is not romance and giggles here for long though and Susannah (or Sulthana as she briefly names herself) soon changes her guise.

The Fourth Husband
We can see here where the clothes designers (and the storywriters) got creative here, as Susannah acquires a Russian husband. Doesn't end well with this one either, stories with spies never have happy endings really, do they? The sari which Priyanka wears here is lovely, although I think the hats used are a little bit of a stereotype. But hey-ho.

The Fifth Husband
There's not a lot of commentary for this one, Susannah is emotionally blackmailed into marrying a police-officer investigating the Russian hubby's death, which of course does not bide well. Susannah is shown in a slight comfort zone here, showing that she is aging; wearing glasses, greying hair and a slightly plumped out figure.

The Sixth Husband
This is another interesting twist in style, where Susannah marries Dr Naseeruddin Shah in a traditional Bengali ceremony. It follows on the look being carried, in which she is comfortable and more mature, with a slight mum-sy look.

The Seventh Husband
I shall leave the seventh husband as a mystery to you, but what I will point out is the difference in Priyanka's flowing locks in the first pictures, compared to the short, grey hairs she sports at the end of the film. Also, there is a differene in how relaxed her character look, becoming less tense and wearing more modest, flowy clothes.

All images belong to directors/producers of 7 Khoon Maaf

There's not a lot of  overdone glamour and sparkle in this film, but the idea of a changing, evolving character being reflected in her physical appearance is an interesting one. I think my favourite 'look' has to be the romantic one in the banks of the Kashmir, although its the oversized sunglasses which really won me over :)

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