Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Our Eid Outfits!

Eid Mubarak everyone! Hope you all had a glammed up and food-filled day (isn't it always that way?) and got plenty of presents/rich food/blackmail money throughout the day. I think everyone's now wishing for a day off to rest from all the tiring festivities! ;)

This is the outfit that I ended up with finally, it was bought from a local shop called RDC, and although a little pricey compared to what I was expecting, I was very happy with it. My mum managed to convince me into buying it with "well, Eid's not coming for another year so you might as well just splash out." Haha, thanks, Mum :)
Anyways here's a few pictures of what I ended up buying, it was a long, royal purple kameez with velvet and satin hem and a velvet embellished neckline, with churidar worn underneath, as is the current fashion with some kameezes (excuse the grainy pictures, dodgy bed spread and odd flat shoes, I'd taken my heels off by that point!)

What I LOVE about this outfit is its rich, deep colours (with a splash of hot pink and olive), plus I'm a sucker for velvet as it adds a little elegance to an outfit. I also liked the fact that the work one neckline was quite well done and made it look quite solid, so that there was a nice sparkly effect which wasn't covered up by my hijab. I also liked how flattering the shape of the kameez was, it flowed very nicely and fell in a slightly draped way because of its long length. It's also not to heavy, so very wearable to a lot of other occaisons which I may need it form and very comfy.

And of course here are some of the outfits the girls in my family wore (as well as what some of the boys wore here!), there was a lovely mix of colours and styles (and pretty shoes!) of outfits which had been bought from all over the place (both London and Pakistan).


(I love making my sisters pose like clueless bunnies, you have no idea how long I made them stand there for!)

All in all, a rainbow-fied Eid collection and a lot of giggly (and sniggering) girls (young and old!), as well as a lot of food to stuff ourselves with, and plenty of washing up afterwards!

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