Wednesday, 23 November 2011

LOVELY HIJAB: The Sparkly White Bridal Hijab

I have mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of white wedding outfits, yet every now and then I come across something which catches my eye and makes me second-think my views. This white bridal hijab look below is a beautiful example of a white bridal; it utilises the white veil idea very well, combining it with hijab without undermining the modesty aspect. I've seen hijabi brides who use embellished head-pieces with their scarves in order to glam up their hijab, which also makes up for not being able to wear as much jewellery, and I love how this look below optimises the headpiece to make it look so sparkly. I also like how it uses a white net veil with the hijab as well to give it more of a bridal look, without compromising the hijab and also without getting in the way of the bride's face. This is certainly a look I'd like to try out, although perhaps a toned down version to wear with my party dresses. Although there isn't currently a large availability on the high street for brides looking for hijab pieces like these, I think that there are still enough places to customise your own sparkly hijab pieces which can be matched to your outfit. I love the use of diamanted in the hijab piece below, and it really is something which works best with white rather than any other colour to make it look very pretty and feminine. Combined with white pearls, I think this would make a beautiful bridal look :)

Image taken from Viya Bridal magazine

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