Saturday, 12 November 2011

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Karma's Aladin Blue Dress

I've seen this outfit a few times recently, originally created by Pakistani designer Atelier Karma, apparently called the 'Aladin' outfit. I've seen a few different versions of this outfit (most of them quite pretty!), but I love the overall ombre-blue-shaded look here. I've seen this design as a long gown (as seen in the first pic below) and more recently, as a jumpsuit (second pic, which is the more recent design). I like the fact that this looks so good as a jumpsuit, which is a style becoming more popular among Asian fashion designers as they have started to incorporate the idea of jumpsuits into their designs. The combination of the rich embellishment and the pretty blue and aqua hues makes this a really glamorous outfit, which I've seen dressed up for some bridal outfits, or dressed down slightly to make pretty evening and party wear. Admittedly it will not come cheap, but it's a beautiful outfit and has very flattering colours :)

Images belong to Karma

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  1. <3 <3 <3 The second one is absolutely beautiful!