Wednesday, 16 November 2011

COLOUR COMBINATION LOVES: Zainab Sajid's Jade & Red Dresses

I saw these beautiful outfits from Zainab Sajid's latest exhibition at the 2011 Rhythm of Asia Fashion Show in Manchester, which featured beautiful, flowing  dresses and richly embellished outfits. What struck me particularly about these outfits which appealed to me was the combination of colours, which looks so fresh, feminine and still luxurious at the same time, and I think that one colour which may be emerging in fashion trends are the mint greens, jades and light teals which look great with a splash of colour so that it stops it looking washed out. It is these colour theme which Zainab Sajid has successfully incorporated in her designs below, which I think were the highlight of her exhibition. The use of jade and crimson with beautiful gold work make a unique combination, and one that I think really works.

Images courtesy of Asian Fashion Blog

What these outfits and colour themes also immediately reminded me of was Madhubala's famously beautiful outfit in Mughal-e-Azam, in which the colours used are very similar. Although the style of the dresses and the general look is different to the one worn in the famous song, the use of the jade with the splash of red is very similar, and shows how designers are (consciously or unconsciously!) picking up from classic eras and re-interpreting them in their own designs.

Anyone else notice the colour resemblance? Both outfits are clear reflections of their era, and give such different looks, yet they are both very beautiful. 
Look out for more jade and mint coloured outfits, I say :)

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