Saturday, 19 November 2011

FASHION'S PASSIONS & PATTERNS: Damask Patterns and Themes

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with all things damask, be they wallpaper, clothes or random ornaments and decorations. A quick search on the internet too, will show you the extent of damask things that are readily available, and the different ways they can be integrated into a look or a style. I especially like the combination of damask patterns with rich fabrics such as brocade and silk, as it adds a touch of luxury, and in terms of clothes they can really give a regal feel.

Here are a few examples of the pretty damask things in my wardrobes, these are mostly dresses and jackets for everyday wear, and I also have a few damask scarves as well.
 And of course I must include my damask patterned make-up bags in the mix:

I have always liked a splash of damask pattern in plain or simple outfits or decoration, and I definitely think this is a trend which is very classic, and therefore also very lasting. It is unlikely to be out of fashion as it has always been present somewhere in fashion for several years, having a timeless feel to it, and it really is a motif which can be applied to many different strands of decor.
When combined with Asian clothes then, I think this adds an extra regal glamour and looks quite beautiful, especially as there doesn't seem to be much of this in the asian fashion industry. While I have seen a several English-style wedding dresses which have incorporated the damask pattern, there are very few of its asian counterparts like this.
I have seen a few examples where it has been used quite cleverly, below is an example of a salwar kameez suit worn by a friend of mine, which was a mix of velvet, net and cotton, a combination that I found beautiful, I also love how the simplicity of the suit allowed the damask pattern to be showcased rather than overloading it with extra detail.

Looking at the Asian fashion industry, there are a few more examples of how this theme as been used, although not many - I have often found that designers tend to use a damask motif on their clothes rather than use it as the focus of the outfit. Although this idea still looks pretty, as it shows a splash of damask rather than looking too overodone, I'd also still like to see an outfit on the catwalk which uses the damask pattern as its focus.

I'm sure you have also, like myself, seen the damask motif incorporated into weddings, and used in many aspects of wedding decoration, from cakes, favours, table linen, candles and even as part of the wedding stages.

The damask theme is definitely a beautiful one, and it's certainly something I'd like to see more of (damask shoes, anyone?) to add that classical glamour to the fashion industry.
More damask outfits to come soon!

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  1. LOVE that first damask outfit! Hmm never heard of this whole damask thing! Now totally looking into having damask bedroom items! :D