Saturday, 29 October 2011

EYE CANDY WISH LIST: Maria B Kundan Rings

I love these beautiful kundan rings by Pakistani designer Maria B, in her latest jewellery range, and they're definitely something I would add to my wish list! I love kundan style jewellery anyway, the Mughal era has always appealed to me and films like Jodha Akbar popularised this style further and made the look even more appealing. My favourite out of these is the last one, it's such a colourful mix an it has a very pretty floral shape to it, although to be honest all of these are pretty gorgeous and they look very well made. It's inspired me to be on the hunt for a nice big kundan ring now, although I doubt I'll be able to afford something made from semi-previous stones like these!

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  1. I found a ring very similar to the first one at a boot fair in Dorset this weekend for £1.25, but it was way too big for me :(

  2. There are lots of rings like this in asian jewelry shops at the moment - forget maria B ive seen non designer good quality ones for £5 and if you want even better authentic Kundan then ive bought one myself for £20!