Wednesday, 26 October 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Brocade Green & Bronze Peacock Clutch from Indian Hanger

I recently won a gift voucher for the wonderful Indian Fashion e-tail website Indian Hanger recently, courtesy of the lovely AAINA Bridal's giveaway promotion. It was a bit of a struggle trying to decide what to buy first, as there were so many things which appealed to me (talk about eye candy), plus there were a few items which were a little out of my budget! I finally settled on a brocade green clutch with peacock made by a designer called Sarika Desai (although I also very much liked this one and absolutely fell in love with this one). What I liked about this clutch is that it seemed very versatile, as it can be matched to a lot of colours (think off-white, gold, bronze, deep red, navy...) and the peacock embellishment looked beautifully made too.

 Image courtesy of Indian Hanger

So I placed my order and the clutch came arrived super fast, and in a matter of days. Here's a few my own pictures of the lovely clutch. I love the detail on the peacock, it's 'tail' is made from beautiful enamel and stones, and the metal work is quite well done. The  fabric of the bag is surprisingly soft; the bag itself it quite light (I'm sure you've all had a heavy, stone-encrusted bag at some point made heavier with keys and mobile phones!). The fabric of the clutch is a brocade material and tone-toned, in bronze and green - I'm not a fan of two-toned fabrics normally (probably due to trauma from being forced into garish organza disasters as a child) but in this case, the 'tone-toned-ness' colour of the bag is nicely toned down, giving it a lovely shimmer and a rich shade. I also quite liked the the general shape of the bag, as it was nice and slim without being bulky and securely fastened.

You can see that I'm pretty happy with the clutch bag I got,  what I ordered was what I received, and I think the price (and the shipping) was very reasonable. Although I would also have considered buying a more neutral colour like gold or bronze to go with my outfits, I like this piece as I think it has more character and stands out more (plus I've always been a sucker for sparkly peacocks).

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