Thursday, 13 October 2011

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint Pen

I bought the Max Factor Lipfinity lip tint pen recently to try out whether it really is as good as it seems to be. The colour I bought was Shade #3 (or Pink Princess, its cute other name), a longlasting lip tint which can just be applied on its own. I bought the pink shade as I thought it would not be too dark or browny, and it would be nice to get a girly colour which would suit my skin.

This is the actual colour of the lip pen as it comes out, it is slightly more corally than the picture suggests, but overall it is quite a light pink shade It is applied fairly easily and pretty much does it what is meant to do - it's a lip pen which can just be 'drawn' on, although it does feel like using a felt tip pen on your face!

On the whole I did like the ease of application of this lip pen, it was nice and liquidy enough to be applied on, and didn't feel sticky like some lip pens or glosses can be. I also liked the fact that it did stay on for quite a long time, and had a very, very matt-look effect. The colour of the pen was also quite pink, although it came out a little darker on my lips (I usually wear lipliner or base with my lipsticks) which was probably due to the fact that I needed a light base colour under it to make it look like a lighter pink shade. The downsides to this pen however is that although the lip tint did last, it did come off a little in some places, making it look a little like my lips were coloured in some places and empty in other, abd having a streaked, worn effect after a few hours. This meant I had to keep reapplying to keep an even look after a while, which made the general colour also look a little darker.
I think this is a great everyday make-up for those gals who like hassle-free lips. The fact that it is not glossy or shiny like lipsticks of glosses tend to be was a bit of a turn-off for me, although some may like this non-shiny look. I also think that the actual colour of the lip pen was nice, but a little dark for my tastes, although this is more due to not wearing any kind of base underneath it as well.
A nice lip pen colour, although not amazing, and something to try out as it is different from the usual glosses and lip stains that you may come across, but I will leave the final verdict to you :)

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