Wednesday, 5 October 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Saffron Accessories Jewellery

Saffron Accessories is a jewellery retailer which can be found in parts of the UK, and has some very lovely pieces. Mixing English and South Asian styles together, there's a style to suit everyone, and often where there is one piece, like a nice pair of chandelier earrings, there's often a full set to accompany it (think bracelets, earrings, rings and even tikkas). Their website shows an extensive range of accessories, although my favourite accessories are always in the earrings category. Their pieces are, however, quite dressy, most of their jewellery are made with gems and crystals, which adds a sure sparkle factor, and there's a full rainbow of colours to pick from. Below are just a few examples of the range available from the store, although I think these are not their best pieces. I have bought a few pieces from this store (which I will post at some point!), although these are mostly earrings - I'm quite a sucker for chandelier earrings :)
I do find that some of their designs look quite similar to each other, which makes some of their designs stand out less, but nevertheless I have also seen some very beautiful jewellery from this store. What I also like is that their earrings don't feel heavy, as they are made from lighter metal material, which is *great* if you're wearing heavy earrings which can weigh down your earlobes and start to ache after a few hours. Overall, this company does have nice items, and it seems fairly popular, as their prices seem reasonable for some pretty bling. Have a browse on the website and make up your own mind though, and let me know what you think :)

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