Thursday, 5 January 2012

Engagement outfits...

There's excitement and aflutter in the Curly Fry household at the moment, with one of the girls (one of my sisters of course!) in the family getting engaged with this coming weekend. We're still running around sorting out various things (decor, outfits, food, outfits, cake, shoes!)  and we're slowly managing to pull everything together.

The main thing, of course, was my sister's engagement outfit, which we didn't want to be too extravagant as it's not really going to be a big 'do'. We looked around a lot of shops nearby and found a whole variety of outfits, but she finally settled on an outfit from Zeba'ish, which is situated in Green Lane, East London. I've had favourable reviews from this shop (and their designer) before, and certainly when we visited the store we found more than one outfits which took our fancy. Below are a few examples of the promotional material for the store.

What I liked about the Zeba'ish is how so many outfit have a great mix of vibrant colour and style, and there really seems to be something for everyone. There were traditional looking kundan-embellished anarkalis, pearls on kameezes and sparkling maxi dresses, to full blown bridal gowns, Victorian-style, empire-waist long dresses, and even one men's suit which seemed to have a slight Austin Powers twist to it (ruffles and all!).

Here's a few of their extravagant outfits from their most recent shows, featuring bold colours, a variety of materials and styles, and rich embellishments, to get a bit more idea of the range that we saw in the store. Even though the styles and dresses we were looking at were a bit more toned down than these ones, they still had that sense of uniqueness - certainly, the designer of the store told us that each piece is a one-off piece, which adds to the appeal.

Images taken from Viya Magazine

I'm not allowed to post any pictures of the final outfit that we picked (sister's orders!) until she's worn it on the day, but it's definitely a lovely outfit, and it captures the 'fusion' style of this store very well. Suffice to say, the theme of the decor will be greys and hot pink - so more details and pictures to come very soon!


  1. No-one told me there was a party....
    Can I come?

  2. your in trouble - you said Pink and grey...

  3. @Umm Salihah - you can only come if you stay in the kitchen and wash up.

    @SB sis - I won't be in trouble if I'm hiding!