Thursday, 30 June 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Dune Jazzy Black Sparkly Heels

I tried these on a while ago, and they may not show in the picture, but they are very very sparkly! And because it's a black colour, it looks a bit more muted rather than being garish and looking a bit OTT. Absolutely love these heels, and they would be a real investment accessory as they compliment a lot of colours. They also come in silver but compared to the black, they just don't have that 'knock-out' feel to them. Next time you pass a Dune store, have a look out for them :)

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Yellow Summer Lengha

Anushka Sharma's earlier shows as a model include this one, in which she wore a lovely summery yellow lengha as the showstopper for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Show (I'm not too sure who designed this outfit, I think it was Satya Paul) . The simplicity of this outfit is beautiful, and I love how well she pulls off the yellow. Hope you find this inspiring enough to help you be brave enough to wear brighter colours like yellow now that the summer is here!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

BRIDE COUTURE: Konkona Sen Sharma's Wedding Outfit

A bit late to the party I know, seeing as Konkona Sen Sharma got married to hubby and follow actor Ranvir Shorey back in September 2010, but just would like to talk about her lovely bridal outfit. Konkona decided to stick with her Bengali roots, opting for a simple golden-cream sari, and a traditional jewellery set which belonged to her grandmother.

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I love the Mughal style which is going on here, it looks beautiful on Konkona and her simple make-up and striking jewellery only accentuates the whole look. The 'borla' tikka piece and the sparkling white and gold jewellery are very suitable accompaniments to her outfit, and I love how she has not opted out of gold either, as can be seen from the gold bangles on her wrist. Truly a glowing bride here, right down to the mehndi style on her hands.

Monday, 27 June 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Madhuri's Arab Style in Aaja Nachle

The ever iconic Madhuri Dixit's last Bollywood venture, Aaja Nachle shows an array of flowing costumes, following an Arabic dress style which has rich, plain colours and still remains quite modest. I quite like these outfits as these are styles which can easily be adapted into our own dress styles, especially as maxi dresses are in vogue.
The main outfits which stood out for me was this black and green one modelled by Madhuri below:

I also quite liked this yellow and orange one modelled by her (and also the light blue flowy robe that Konkena Sen's character wears):

Although it does feel a bit generic and lacks detail, I still think that this is an interesting branch of fashion being explored here. I also liked Konkona's bridal dress here, which focuses more on simplicity of design and the traditional style jewellery:

And lastly, this outfit worn by Madhuri in her O Re Piya piece also shows a traditional influence, although this is perhaps more Indian than Arab.

All Images owned by Yash Raj Films

I am aware that this is a style that hasn't really seem to have caught on in the asian fashion world, yet I'm sure I am not alone in liking the flowing, modest look and the fact that this film has tried to branch out from the typical heavy lengha look. I also like the use of maxi style dresses and abayaahs, which I'm sure may be relevant to many readers, which they can take design inspiration from.

DESIGNER MODE: Chinyere Couture

I've seen a few outfits by Pakstani label Chinyere over the last year or so, and I love their ongoing traditional look. I have noticed that they have especially tried to garner the 'British Raj Empire' look for themselves, which some could say would be an older form of East-meets-West fusion. The ones which caught my eye previously are these outfits:

I love the traditional, modest style of both outfits, the first using a velvet combination, and the second looking a little more exotice yet similarly luxurious. I also like the counterpart outfits which have been created for men as well, which captures the traditional yet aristocratic look. A search for their more recent collections have brought up their collection from Winter 2010, and also their "Rag ja Pakistan" collection from Januart 2011 which seems to be their most recent showcase. Their styles range from the less-heavier wear, such as these: the more glamorous, heavier outfits such as these, aptly titled "British Raj":

And lastly their latest summer lawn collection (called "Rang ja Pakistan") which seems to take a different route, and instead goes for the more colourful style of going back to Pakistan's roots:

All pictures belong to Chinyere Company

I think I prefer the traditional styles of their earlier collection, such as the damask print dresses, and the luxurious gold dabka work, as this seems to give more character to the outfits. However the later collections are more likely to be affordable,and also more wearable for consumers like myself. You can browse Chinyere's collection on their website and Facebook pages. For those of you are able to visit, Chinyere also retails in good ole Green Street in East London, in a store called Bareeze and also in their store in Manchester. Has anyone seen any other Chinyere outfits they like? If so, send me a link!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Bipasha Basu's Smouldering Eyes in Barsaat

I have always loved Bipasha Basu's smouldering-eyes look and a wonderful example of this is her bridal make up at the finale of her film 'Barsaat'. I love her dramatic eye make up which is actually kept quite simple, along with beautifully nude/light lips to suit her skin tone to give a glowing look. The eye make up itself is relatively kept to dark eyeliner to shape the eye, with eyeshadows kept to a subtle light pink.

Priyanka wondered whether she should tell Bipasha about the golden monster hanging off her nose

I also love the fact that in no way does Bipasha try to play down the colour of her skin, giving it a beautiful bronzey glow which seems quite smooth and almost seamless in terms of highlights, lowlight and contouring. Coupled with her lovely jewellery set and Bipasha's gorgeous skin colouring, this is a bridal look which is very effective without loading the face with too many features.

 Images owned by Shree Krishna International

Of course in Bollywood Land factors like professional makeup artists and custom-made jewellery is more or less synonymous with Bollywood bridal looks and there's also the issue of stuff like airbrushing, heavy lighting etc., which also helps actresses look beautiful. However I do still think that this is certainly a look which many brides will love (and also non-brides!), especially those who prefer their make up to focus on the eyes, or those who don't want the usual red-lipstick look. It also shows us how effectively make-up can be matched to the skin tone without drowning it in too many colours. All in all, a very sultry look :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Origami Paper Flower Bouquets

One very cute bridal accessory that I have come across recently is Origami paper flower bouquets, the cheaper alternatives to fresh flowers. This is a great idea for those of you who are on a budget for your wedding, yet want something that will a little different and stand out. For many as well, its a wedding piece which will endure, and a sure keepsake of your wedding.

There are many examples of wedding bouquets using Origami paper flowers, and I think there is still a whole market here to explore and really use your imagination with. It is something that will add a lovely splash of colour, and gives a twist to those women who don't want the usual look.

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There's lots of videos out there for those who want to try their hand at making a bouquet, or for others who can't quite get the finished look they like, they can buy some online, although these may not be very cheap.
Would anyone consider using these for their wedding?

Monday, 20 June 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Asin's Luxurious Lenghay in 'Ready'

Asin's asian outfits in her latest film that are worth remembering are mostly her bridal ones in the movie, in which she displays a good mix. The one I liked the most was this blue combination suit she wears, matched with a simple but effective turquoise stone jewellery set:

 I generally think that peacock blue/turquoise is a flattering colour on asian skin, and coupled with silver work and jewellery, this makes for a very elegant look.
Next is the (first) bridal outfit that Asin wears at the beginning of the film, showing a colourful style and extravagant jewellery:

Again, I like the colour combination of purples, pinks and light blue here with a traditional gold work style. I also like the fact that the make up is not too over done, as there is also a lot of jewellery here, which has a nice balance.
Lastly is the (final) bridal outfit that Asin wears, at the end of the movie which is more close to today's styles:

I like the contrast in the navy border with the scarlet red main outfit, it is something that is seen very much in today's trends, and mixed with the traditional jewellery and pearls, makes quite a lovely outfit. I also like the simple plait style and the nose-ring which goes with the whole traditional Indian look, and suits Asin's face quite well.
Which outfit of the three do you like most?