Monday, 20 June 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Asin's Luxurious Lenghay in 'Ready'

Asin's asian outfits in her latest film that are worth remembering are mostly her bridal ones in the movie, in which she displays a good mix. The one I liked the most was this blue combination suit she wears, matched with a simple but effective turquoise stone jewellery set:

 I generally think that peacock blue/turquoise is a flattering colour on asian skin, and coupled with silver work and jewellery, this makes for a very elegant look.
Next is the (first) bridal outfit that Asin wears at the beginning of the film, showing a colourful style and extravagant jewellery:

Again, I like the colour combination of purples, pinks and light blue here with a traditional gold work style. I also like the fact that the make up is not too over done, as there is also a lot of jewellery here, which has a nice balance.
Lastly is the (final) bridal outfit that Asin wears, at the end of the movie which is more close to today's styles:

I like the contrast in the navy border with the scarlet red main outfit, it is something that is seen very much in today's trends, and mixed with the traditional jewellery and pearls, makes quite a lovely outfit. I also like the simple plait style and the nose-ring which goes with the whole traditional Indian look, and suits Asin's face quite well.
Which outfit of the three do you like most?

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