Thursday, 10 May 2012

BRIDE COUTURE: Kunal Nayyar and Neha Kapur's Sumptious Wedding

Kunal Nayyar, of the wonderfully geeky US series 'The Big Bang Theory' fame got married last December, in a lavish six-day wedding, to the lovely Neha Kapur, former Miss India. I love how laid-back the couple looks throughout the wedding events, and how much they seem to enjoy themselves (and also how lovely the outfits looked!)

The bride wore a warm orange and hot pink lengha during mehndi ceremony, with lovely, intricate mehndi. I love the traditional touches such as the flowers in her hair and the hair-piece she also wears, as well as the fact that the groom is meant to sit next to the bride so he can feed her while her hands are out of action!

The wedding ceremony itself was of a similar vein, the groom wore a beautiful, rich blue sherwani (and rode in on a horse!), with the bride wearing a matching cream and dark blue lengha outfit, and both look like they are enjoying themselves and each others company. I also love how the couple didn't go for traditional colours like red, nor opt for something like white either, which is also becoming a very popular colour. The fact that they look of the outfits were kept quite 'Indian' in style and weren't too heavy or overdone makes the details of the wedding and the outfits stand out more, and it's something which looks lovely.

Lastly was the reception party after the wedding, which was a lot more relaxed and simple. I really like this sari out of the three outfits worn by Neha (although it may be because it looks great on her tall figure!), because it looks so elegant on her and the fact that it combines a modern look with simple tailoring. I really like the creamy, nude colour, and think that this really helps to make it look feminine and simple, yet enough also pretty enough to still look like a bridal outfit.

Images from People Magazine US, photography by Vinayak Das Photographers

I love seeing weddings like this, where the couple look like they've had a lot of fun, and have kept it fairly traditional with their own personal touches. And of course, the mega-watts smile from both the bride and groom also adds some sparkle!

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  1. too good ! such a lively couple .Best wishes to both of them