Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Dholki Nights #2: Vintage Glass and Greens

As I'm sure you've guessed, we had more than one dholki night in the run up to the wedding! It was a nice opportunity to see friends, family and neighbours, and they all rallied to bring food and join in with the songs, which were a lot of fun.

I decided to wear something simpler on this night, going with a silk jamawar print suit with paisleys all over, and some glass bangles that I've had for years (they remind me of my mum because she used to wear some similar ones, and we'd always get boxes of these bangles for years from Pakistan when we were young!)
Here's what I wore with the outfit, I kept it very simple with the bangles and some earrings, and some gold khussay (which are really old, I've had them since way back in 2000 when my eldest sister got married - perhaps time to throw them out soon!)


Here's how it looked on me, I loved how comfortable this suit was, and the slightly fitted look it had. There's also a small piping of purple all over the suit and on the scarf, which I liked because it gave a nice contrast without clashing with the rest of the suit, and the outfit itself was perfect for a warm  evening.

We decided to have more of a relaxed evening for this dholki, which gave everyone a chance to sit and talk, eat good food and let the children ran around, although we still managed to sing some songs and play games before everyone went home! I didn't get to take a lot of photographs in this evening, but here's some of the food and some goodies, and also of my niece dancing around the dholki drum and teaching us how to really use it!


  1. What a lovely outfit - love the colours! Great to see the run up to the wedding and look forward to your next instalment. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you keep reading! :)

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