Sunday, 12 October 2014

MAKE UP REVIEW: L'Oreal Celebrity Matte Reds

You may have seen the latest L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection advert for the 'Pure Reds' matte lipsticks, which boasts a red lipstick for every skin tone. I love the fact that there are so many A-List celebrities gathered together for this advert, each with a rich shade of red which actually looks great on each celebrity.

While I'm a little sceptical about some of these shades suiting my skin tone (I don't have the same skin tone as Aishwariya Rai, for example, but I thought Frieda Pinto or Zoe Saldana's one might suit me).

Here are some stills from the advert - I like how each celebrity is wearing white to set off the red even more, and that each has their own style and interpretation of the lipstick and outfits.

My sisters and I were quite interested in these lipsticks when the advert were aired, so naturally I had to go check these out in the shops as well to see if there were any I'd like. Unfortunately, the three or four shops I went to, and also a couple that my sisters visited, only held a few shades of the red lipsticks - the most I saw in one shop was just four shades, so I'm not sure if each celebrity actually had their own lipstick allocated to them, and it does say in the advert that there were four custom-made reds.

I also liked the fact that there was a nude collection by the celebrities as well, which was also meant to be matched to their skin tones - a few of these caught my eye as well, although some of them were very light and nude for my skin tone.

I was quite surprised, though, by some of the colours which were a little different from the adverts and the celebrities wearing them. My sisters and I all liked Eva's dark red lipstick, but the actual lip shade itself is more rusty and slightly orange-based - not red at all. Liya's red was really pretty, again a little oranged based so better suited to our skin, but I found this a little dull and too similar to reds I already have. Surprisingly, Blake's lipstick was quite night, it was a little blue-based but nice and bright, slightly cherry red - my sister bought this to try it out on herself. My personal favourite was Julianne's red, which was a pretty, bright fiery pink-red - think something along the lines of MAC's 'Relentlessly Red' or Revlon's 'Fire and Ice' (although perhaps less pinkier and more brighter). I'm still wondering whether to buy that one because I have so many colours like this, but it's also something I'd love to wear.

My sister bought a few shades of the red lipsticks to try out,  I don't think the pictures reflect the true shade of the lipsticks themselves as they're all different to each other, and unfortunately I didn't get time to swatch them!

What do you think of the matte red lipstick collection - have you tried any of these lipsticks? Which one do you think is the best?

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