Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Our Eid! Day One

We had a lovely Eid weekend a few days ago, with lots of family and friends, which was special because it was my first Eid as Mrs Curly Fries. So naturally, I was spoilt for choice with new clothes and places to go!

I was lucky enough to have new outfits from my mother-in-law from the wedding, and also a new outfit that my mum bought for me because it was my first Eid as a married woman (my mum has made it a tradition that she buys each girl in the family their first outfit for Eid after they marry).

We had dinner the night before we celebrated Eid day at my eldest sister's house, so I chose the outfit that my mum bought for me, which was a beautiful off-white embroidered outfit with colourful hems and embroidery. My sister actually took me to the shop to show me the outfit before buying it to make sure I liked it (my mum had said I could pick whatever I wanted) but I didn't need to look around - I loved this outfit when I saw it. I'm slightly sick of blingy, heavy outfits at the moment and this is ideal - light, beautifully embroidered and funky. The main thing which caught my eye was the colourful yellow hem - it was just the sort of thing which would complete an outfit for me, and I also loved the watermelon pinky-red dupatta and trousers to contrast it.

This is the outfit I wore on, I really wished I had some matching yellow shoes to go with the yellow border, but the only heels I have in my new house at the moment are my wedding shoes, so I had to wear those! The outfit came from a local shop called Grandeur which has just opened recently and does one-off pieces, there were a few other silk-screen kurtas and printed tops which I liked, but didn't get as I didn't want to overcrowd my wardrobe yet!

Here's how I accessorised the outfit, I didn't have a lot of jewellery with me so I went for this jewelled clutch which I ordered around my wedding time from Pakistan (more about this later!) and some bangles mixed from my wedding and mehndi outfits! It all felt a little mish-mash at the time but it came together nicely!


And this is me wearing the outfit - it was a little loose but it worked because it was almost floor-length on me (with the heels on!). You can't tell as well, but the back was completely sheer - I'm not adventurous to wear it with my back showing so I had to wear a chemise/undershirt under it! I made my husband take pictures of me, including the one of my shoes!

I also thought I'd take a quick snap of the make-up I used (I forgot to add the eyeshadow I used, which was some shimmery nudes and bronzes from the Urban Decay Naked pallette). I kept the look pretty simple so that I could go for a bright pink, matte lipstick which stood out most and matched my dupatta!

I won't post too much detail about food and decor just yet, but you can see more images of the Eid days here, but nevertheless, it was a lovely start to Eid with family and of course, good food!

How was your Eid? What did you wear?


  1. hey hun, loving your blog especially as I am getting married too inshAllah in December.
    I needed a quick favor, could you tell me where you got your gold clutch it is so beautiful MashAllah
    All the best for married life inshAllah it brings you and your partner alot of happiness and sakoon.

    1. Hi Shazy, I ordered it from Pakistan from the woman who made my wedding outfit - she went to a local jewellery boutique where she gets jewellery from time to time and managed to procure it for me. I'm sorry if that's not very helpful, but I don't know the name of the shop myself! If you do want something like this from London though, look up NK Designs or Jewels n Gems on facebook or instagram, they do very similar stuff!

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