Friday, 10 October 2014

Our Eid! Day Two

I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but I've barely managed to go near my computer for a couple of days, so don't worry, I'm not neglecting the blog! I'm still waiting to post loads more posts and keep trying to hide away to blog!

My family and I always like to make the most of Eid (plus some of us can be divas), so we always celebrate Eid for at least two days - which means we get to see all of the family and it also makes it easier for everyone in terms of cooking if we don't spend all day at one house. (Having said that, I didn't make anything for Eid but I'm sure my turn will be coming up soon!)

For the second day of Eid, I decided to wear an outfit that my mother-in-law had gotten made for me in Pakistan. It was a special outfit because it was the first one she had gotten made for me, and also her favourite one, and also one that I loved when I saw because I'd been hankering after a cream and gold outfit for ages and this one was lovely. I'm sure you've seen shorter hemlines creeping back into fashion, and jackets are also pretty trendy right now, so this was right up my street - a jamwar undershirt with a delicate pearl and stone-work jacket on top.


This is me wearing it - it looks simple but it actually felt really heavy on, and I forgot to take a picture of the back, which was a lot heavier than the front because it had work all along the hemline and working its way up to the top. I paired this with gold shoes and sparkly bangles and a matching cream hijab - I wanted to wear some more pearly jewellery but I didn't have any with me (except my wedding jewellery which was too heavy!) so I kep the look simple which, worked for me.

You can tell my husband took most of these pictures, I'm posing awkwardly in most of them and I look like a shorty because my husband forgot that he was taking pictures at his eye level! (I'll teach him how to take pictures, don't worry)

My sisters also had a beautiful wardrobe palette for the day - everyone wore beautiful outfits with bright colours and amazing embroidery, which was nice to see everyone dressed up. I love the hot pink Threads and Motif outfit my eldest sister chose to wore (my mum, my aunt and I have all been lusting after it)

One outfit we all loved was the green long maxi one of my sisters bought for Eid - I couldn't get a decent picture of the front (because she kept running away and hiding), but I got this sneaky shot so you can see the shape of her dress.

And of course the babies and nieces of the babie stole the show as usual - my eldest sister dressed her girls in beautiful flowery dresses, and my sister-in-law dressed her little one in a sparkly grey party dress, and my other sister dressed up her little girl in a pretty coral polka dot dress. You can see some of the dresses below (and also a picture of me fascinating one of my nieces into doing a selfie!) - the newest arrival looked like a little doll in her dress!


And naturally we had to do the couple shots - it was my husband and my first Eid after marriage so I wanted to get some nice shots for memories (and some silly shots later on as well!).

Lucky for me, Eid is not completely over, I have an Eid party to go to this weekend which means more food and dressing up, which I'll post about soon!


  1. mashallah - gorgeous eid!

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