Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Eid Outfit Inspos!

We all have this struggle every year - what to wear for Eid? My sisters and I always make a trek along the local high streets and either get lucky in finding something we love, or look online and in shops for ages before we finally settle on something.

It's a little cheeky to be looking for Eid outfits before it's even here, but the one thing I've learned for myself is that the earlier I look, the better deals I find and the more happy I am with my outfits!

I thought I'd post a few outfits I've seen recently which have caught my eye as Eid outfit inspirations - even if I don't buy them, treat them as inspiration!

#1 - This Amber Gohar pearl outfit
I saw this online, which is currently being stocked by UK vendor Hina Rasim on her instagram page, and loved the look - pearls, trendy bell sleeves and a gorgeous border on the hem. I quite liked the outfit in white, which would look great as a summer piece. My husband also loved this piece too, but it's slightly more pricier than my budget allows at £250.00, so I'm still thinking about it!

#2 - This Sana Safinaz Luxury Eid Collection piece
Pakistani brand Sana Safinaz released their Eid Collection recently for pre-order, and some of the pieces look really dreamy. My favourite is this pretty piece, a mint and peach ensemble with gorgeous embroidery. It's different from a lot of pieces I've seen in that it's a longer kameez style, but I think it looks pretty chic, and at Rs. 12,500 (that's about £95.00), that's not bad. The only issue is being to actually get it before it sells out, and as these come unstitched, getting a tailor on time!

#3 - This cape-dress from RDC London
RDC London is one of stores, so we always take a look in the shop whenever we're in the area. The black cape-dress on the left caught my eye last week - I loved how elegant the cape looked. It's a little dressier than my usual embroidered kameezes that I go for, but I have a few weddings coming up so this could be handy! I wouldn't pick the black shade (my family tend not to go for black when it comes to Eid these days), but it does come in cream as well. I also saw the red outfit on the right a few weeks back and it looked quite funky to me - a little Russian-inspired to me! Not sure I could pull it off  but it's an interesting idea.

#4 - Agha Noor outfits by Kurta Kouture
You can't go wrong with Agha Noor, it's reasonably priced, easy to wear and looks pretty. UK-based Kurta Kouture stocks a range of Agha Noor and has a few pretty pieces online - I quite liked the pieces below, although I haven't decided on anything yet!

I'll be keeping an eye out for more pieces (watch this space for a Part 2 of this post!), and will post any more ideas I find, whether it's online or in the shops!

I'm also looking to go to a Ramadan souk (bazaar) called The Exhibit at The Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge, which is happening in two weeks. This will be a multi-brand trunk show showcasing a range of brands, which I'm hoping to find something at - so more about this soon!

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