Tuesday, 12 January 2016

DESIGNER MODE: Farrah Naaz Clothing

I'm always looking for new designers who have their finger on the latest fashion pulse, and can provide Pakistani outfits which are fashionable and still wearable. I know I'm not the only one, as I'm always being asked by friends, family and of course, readers, for recommendations of clothes vendors, whether it is making orders online or buying from local retailers on the high street.

The problem I'm often finding these days is that while I love the range of designs on the catwalk and Pakistani designers these days, I can't always afford the hefty price tag. And similarly, while the trends of the high street are beginning to catch up with the latest fashion, they're either too expensive or don't always have quite the thing we are looking for.

I recently came across bespoke designer and business owner Farrah Naaz, who specialises in fusion fashion which caters for all tastes. I met Farrah last year and looked over her gorgeous collection, and loved what I saw - affordable fashion from single-piece kurtas, pants and shawls to full 3 or 4-piece formal outfits.

Like me, Farrah loves her designer wear, but is realistically aware that it's not economically viable for most consumers (like me!) to have or afford a wardrobe full of it.

Farrah Naaz Clothing is designed by Farrah herself, and made by a specialised team based in Lahore, which is where the designer sources her fabrics, work and stitching from. Most of her outfits are bespoke as well as ready-to-buy, and she also does heavier outfits which she designs with her customers for their satisfaction.

Here's a few of her pieces that I loved, these two that are probably among my favourites:

I love the workmanship on both of these outfits, as well as the beautiful embroidery and colours which work well together. Definitely on my wish-list!

The other piece I loved from this collection were the capes, which are very in fashion right now with Pakistani fashion. Farrah's designs are in beautiful colours and come with a slip and trousers for a very chic look - another piece which is on my wish-list.

I also loved this fusion dress, with it's zebra print fabric mixed with pretty floral embroidery, which makes for a really versatile piece.

Of course for those looking for something more simple, there's also single-piece kurtas and shirts, which range from the more casual to the more dressy, and really capture the latest trends.

These are also some of Farrah's heavier formal pieces, both of which I love the designs of because of the beautiful work and gorgeous colours. I also really like how wearable and modest both designs are - I can easily imagine wearing either to a family wedding!

For an idea of prices, roughly they are:

  • Kurtas and tops start from £15
  • Suits from £75
  • Capes from £95
  • Party wear from £115
  • Heavier formal range from £315 upwards
For anyone looking for Pakistani labels as well, Farrah has also liased with with Gul Ahmed Ideas of Pakistan and brought in their latest collections which she is now selling. She also stocks Khaadi and Limelight pret and ready-wear as well as fabrics which are designed and tailored by her team.

Gul Ahmed autumn collection
I'm really glad that there's a designer out there which is UK-based and has affordable outfits, which are very in-touch with the latest trends. It's easy to fall in love with outfits on the catwalks but these can't always be found in the shops, and I know not everyone wants to order outfits online as they aren't always sure how safe it is or what the end product will be.

I'll be placing an order with Farrah soon (I'm still deciding what to get!) and posting another review of the outfit I get, but I'm really loving the range available as well as the very reasonable prices!


Farrah is based in Upper Norwood, Croydon, London and viewings can be done by appointment. You can contact her and view her collections on the links below:

Tel: 07766563911

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