Tuesday, 17 July 2012

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Aishwarya's Bejewelled Elegance in 'Umrao Jaan'

I thought I'd take a quick peep at Ash's remake of Umrao Jaan from a few years back (which makes a change from all that backlash she's getting at the moment!), a film which I think has some beautifully done costumes and some even more astoundingly beautiful jewellery.

Firstly, is this gorgeous blue outfit, complete with the 'fez' hat and some blue stone and pearl jewellery. I love how this all works together, rather than looking too matchy-matchy with all of the blue - although I do think that it does help if you have a beautiful face like Ash to set it off!

Next is this lovely white outfit, which I thought was really pretty as inspiration for a bridal outfit. I like the fact that it  is not too heavily embellished yet still goes well with the jewellery and the silvery work.

I particularly liked this outfit because of how much it reminded me of a lot of styles of Pakistani designers (think Bunto Kazmi, Dr Haroon and so on!), especially with the more traditional jewellery and the slightly-bridal look here. Also, it's my opinion that pink is one of those colours which flatters anyone, when done well!

Next is this gold number, which is accentuated with striking, yet very simple make-up and again, some luxurious jewellery. Although I think that the jewellery with this outfit is not as beautiful as the ones in the other scenes, it's still very well put together and shows how easy it is to use flashes of colour with an outfit in this gold shade.

I also love the fact that there is so much ornate detail in the film set itself, which is beautifully made and looks like the inside of a palace. Even when Ash looks like she's just lounging about in her casual, comfy wear, she still looks super-glamorous in a scene which looks like it could be lifted right out of the Mughal area.

This is another one of my favourites, because it looks slightly Punjabi due to the fitting of the kameez and the old-fashioned style of it. I also like the fact that there are long necklaces which embellish an otherwise plain top which looks quite modest, yet flattering.

Throughout the whole film, there is a diverse range of beautifully made outfits which are completed with rich, luxurious jewellery pieces.  I also love the fact that Aishwarya's make-up style is kept simple and classic, emphasising her natural beauty and also letting her dancing, style (and eyes!) do the talking, without it looking too much.

This is such a great inspiration for brides to be as well as people looking for a different look, and there's an appeal to it which is down to the detail of the sets, outfits and beautiful styling, which looks easy to replicate with the large market of accessories which are available, as well as the classic looking designs.

All images belong to producers/directors of Umrao Jaan

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