Thursday, 12 July 2012

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Nargis in a Simple Deep Red Anarkali

I've seen a lot of bloggers criticising this dress worrn by Bollywood actress Narghis Fakhri, mainly because it's too plain and the hem looks silly with the pink, but I kind of liked the whole style because of its simplicity. It's a very pretty, girly look which doesn't like it's too much hard work to put together, and goes well with the jewellery modelled by the actress.

While I think it also looks good because of her slim figure, I think a lot of girls would like this look, it's a pretty red (although looks a lot brighter in other pictures!) and seems like a minimum-fuss dress which looks great on.

What do you think?

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  1. I quite like this dress, something you could wear on a number of different occcasions and quite flatttering.

  2. I liked it too, but it does look a bit too bright red for me in other pictures. But I think the cut and design of it is really pretty, it's so wearable too!