Friday, 20 July 2012

OUTFIT Of The Day: Purple & Velvet Trimmed RDC Dress

Here's something I wore to an engagement a few days ago, which was bought from RDC last Eid and has remained a very useful dress in my wardrobe! The dress code was kept pretty simple, so I ended up wearing this outfit as it was one of my plainer suits which also can be dressed up without looking too much.

I have a few outfits from RDC's store (and not just because it's very local for me!) and even though some of their pieces are pricey, I've been quite happy with their designs and the style of their work. This is a long kameez in a royal purple colour, with velvet trim and churidar trousers, which has prettily embellished work along the neckline area. I love the fact that the work stands out and isn't hidden when I wear my hijab, as this is a big no-no for me when choosing outfits.

I paired this outfit with a plain scarf, plain black heels and a black clutch, and instead of bangles, a black sparkly cuff - it came together pretty well for me!

Outfit - RDC London
Clutch Bag - New Look
Black sparkly cuff - Queen's Market!
Black heels - Barratts

Aaand this is me wearing the dress! It always seems to look like I'm wearing a long kaftan in pictures for some reason, but I like this look anyway.

This is one of my comfortable outfits, the work doesn't catch on anything, the colours are very flattering and it's something which is quite flowy, which is how I prefer my outfits. I think the price for this outfit was just a teensy bit more than I would have liked to have paid, but it's something I've worn a few times and which usually gets compliments - it also seems to be one of the more popular outfits at the RDC shop.

I think my black sparkly cuff was my favourite piece of the whole outfit, although they would have gone perfectly with these shoes (which I also don't own!). The event I went to was also an evening one, so it was nice to have something elegant and subtle to wear without feeling too blinged up or OTT. And of course, it allowed for plenty of running around!

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