Monday, 3 October 2011

Clinton's Fusion Deco Shaadi Cards

I've seen some of these cards around and thought I'd share some of them, as they are simply beautiful. Following Clinton's Art Deco style cards created by the Watermark Publishing company, the company have followed on with their World Designs. I love these series of cards, elegantly drawn and with lovely detail, they capture an old-time style which reminds the viewer of classic Bollywood films or vintage fashion. Below is just a few examples of the Indian deco styles, my favourite is the last one of the two girls sitting in front of the Taj Mahal (which reminds me of quite a few women I know!)

And of course South Asian culture is not the only one covered, as there is also a Far Eastern theme in the the series, with lovely detail, flowers and elegant robes:

Another theme that is covered is parts of African culture, which is also done very well. I love the amount of detail in the jewellery and the sparkle of the clothes which are really picked out, as well as the beautiful yet simple characters.

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I really like how the artistic style really gives some class to these characters, as if they are simply some members of an Eastern and African old-style aristocracy, with beautiful, vintage fashion tastes yet still retaining their traditional styles. Some lovely cards here, and I'm pretty sure I can find an excuse to buy a few for someone's birthdays/weddings/TGIFridays somewhere soon :)

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