Sunday, 30 December 2012

BRIDE COUTURE: Karma's Mustard, Red and Blue 'Dulhan Bridal'

I saw this latest bridal outfit by Pakistani designer Karma and thought the colour combination was just lovely, it makes a really traditional looking bridal (the almost-mustardy yellow adds a really lovely rich tone to the deep blue, rich red and pretty teal accents). I love wedding dresses which aren't just one plain colour, as I think that it's a lot more fun to mix more colours in without overloading with too much colour or detail - and I think this look has it balanced well. The work on this looks intricate but not too heavy, and the colours look great together, without drowning each other colours out.

I thought this was a really pretty look - I can even imagine this as a mehndi outfit if the colours were changed (and if you were looking for a heavier mehndi outfit). What do you think of this outfit? I love it!

 Image from Karma Facebook page

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