Monday, 17 December 2012

Vidya Balan Marries Siddharth Roy Kapur

Here's a something to start the week off, pictures of Bollywood's Vidya Balan's wedding to Siddarth Roy Kapur, which looked like an intimate event that was quite low key. My sisters and I have a theory that since Bollywood actresses have to dress up and play out wedding scenes a lot in films, they probably want something less OTT and extravagant in real life when they actually DO get married, rather than looking like tinsel-decorated dolls!

This is the couple's sangeet which took place days before the wedding - a lot of people have said that Vidya's sari isn't very flattering but I'm sure Vidya has heard comments like this before (and hasn't cared), and to be honest, her glowy smile is all that matters, right? The sari looks a quite bright and colourful (reminds me of a rainbow scarf I have), which is nice for a sangeet and makes a change from a lot of done-up dresses I've seen in the past.

And this is on Vidya's mehndi, wearing a yellow sari I quite liked. I'm a fan of jamawar motif prints on outfits (like this print on one of my kameezes) and I think it looks great on mehndis. I also love how Vidya kept it all simple and traditional with what looks like flowers in her hair, and simple mehndi on her hands, and I do think it looks quite elegant together.

Lastly is the wedding day itself. I have to admit, I was surprised that the couple dressed quite simply, although I think it is a reflection of how the couple wanted to keep things simple and humble. I like that she wore a rich red banarsi sari, and accessorised in a traditional gold jewellery look - making her look like a true wife!

I do like how Vidya continued her style of wearing saris on all three of her main events, it's something she looks comfortable in, and it's nice to see how happy the couple are!

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